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A Permanent Third Wheel

By Gena Sysavath
Web Content Contributor

I always see memes where someone is third-wheeling their friends. The photos where you see a happy couple and then there is just one friend there hanging out with them, alone.

I always knew that I would never want to be in relationship, mostly because of the work I would have to put into it. Yet, I am forced to be surrounded and see couples in almost every aspect of my life, and it is really putting a damper on my livelihood.

I have friends that I never expected to be in a serious relationship but then they do, and I am happy for them. However, once I get past the initial novelty of my friends being in a relationship. They all get annoying.

Suddenly when I hang out with one friend, I hang with their significant other too. What happened to our time? Why am I suddenly forced to watch my friends make out? I like to believe that I was here first. I do not deserve to be neglected.

Then, it is worst when two friends get together. I mean, having one friend go off and date someone I did not know does hurt me, but that is one friend. When two friends get together, I am suddenly not even in the loop anymore because they are involved.

I admit, I am a little jealous sometimes. I get lonely, but that does not mean I am bitter because my friends are dating someone. I am bitter since my friendship is suddenly replaceable because they finally decide to date someone.

It is tiring always being the third wheel. Your friends begin to think that you are unhappy because you are alone and bitter. Honestly, just maybe, I am a bitter person. It is like they suddenly forget they were too until they found their lover.

If I know and feel that the relationship is healthy and makes my friends happy and that they are actually in love, I will squeal and comment on how cute they are. I will even happily join their plans to propose a romantic idea in some form or fashion.

I am genuine when I say I do wish happiness on all my friends.

As much as I think couples are annoying, I enjoy the fact that people are happy. It really puts my “forever alone” philosophy to the test when I see a relationship that is both healthy and happy.

You know what? When I am in a serious relationship, I will purposely act part of the “cringiest” duo I can be and see how they like it.

Featured Image by Gena Sysavath

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