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By Cassidy Segovia
Music Journalist

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to talk with the up-and-coming artist Renzo. I know of Renzo because we hail from the same area of Corpus Christi, TX, and I was thrilled to find out that he is now creating his own music!

Renzo is a Contemporary R&B singer and has recently released a few singles on music streaming apps. I reached out to him to talk about his music, inspirations, future releases, and live performances!

Cassidy Segovia: Hey! How are you doing today?

Renzo: I’m doing good!

CS: So how old are you currently? And where are you residing?

R: I’m 20, and currently residing in Corpus Christi,TX

CS: How long have you been interested in music? And making music?

R: I’ve been interested in music since I was three (due to Kelly Clarkson) and I’ve been making it for around five years now!

CS: Nice! Do you have any overall inspirations for your music?

R: I’d say my biggest inspirations are Stevie Wonder and Donald Glover. A third being DEAN.

CS: Those are amazing choices. DEAN is super underrated here in the States, but he’s still great! Are those artists where you get your sound from?

R: For sure, those are the artists that I take the most influence from.

CS: How would you describe your sound/genre?

R: Um, I’m not even sure I have a sound right now. All of the things I’ve made that are unreleased are very different from one another. But I guess if I were to categorize it, I’d most likely say it’s Contemporary R&B as of now.

CS: I definitely hear the Contemporary R&B, and almost “bedroom-pop” feel in your newest singles, “Pisces” and “Senior Party.” Do you have a story behind those two singles?

R: “Pisces” is about two of my exes, one of which actually was a Pisces (as her zodiac sign). Definitely not a hit piece though, I just felt like writing a song in my feelings. “Senior Party” is me writing if I were to go to the Texas senior party; a senior dance tradition. I never went, haha.

CS: That’s understandable! Songwriting is definitely therapeutic in that sense and as listeners we can relate to the feelings of the artists we listen to. And I can only imagine how “Senior Party” sounds live! Are you planning to play any live-sets after COVID rates drop?

R: I’m definitely thinking about it! Some of my friends in Houston are trying to get me to perform soon!

CS: Performing in Houston sounds like a dream! Are you looking into performing at a venue or house show?

R: It will be a little festival thing, but I’d like to do some small and intimate shows at shops, cafes, etc.

CS: That’s even better! Are you planning on releasing a full-length album in the future?

R: I’ll try to create a full-length project or EP very soon, but right now I’m more concerned on trying to make & release music at a constant rate.

CS: Sounds great! Is there a way for KTSW readers to reach you or your music?

R: You can reach me on Spotify and Soundcloud by searching Renzo. As well as Instagram @villelobos.

CS: Thank you! And thank you for taking time out to talk to KTSW 89.9 today!

R: No, no. Thank you!

Make sure to check out Renzo’s latest single, “Senior Party” — available on all music platforms!

Follow Renzo on Instagram!

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