Five Romance Animes to Binge on Valentine’s Day

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By Preethi Mangadu
Web Content Contributor

Anime is a Japanese style of animated shows and television and often is adapted from mangas, Japanese-style graphic novels, or comics. Like any other form of entertainment, there are many different genres. 

With Valentine’s day coming up, romance animes are the best choice if you want to match the love in the air. A fun way to spend Valentine’s day would be to grab your partner, friends, pets, or family and binge romance animes with chocolates and a bag of popcorn. 

However, the romance genre has many different types of animes. Here are a few suggestions for those who have not yet dived into romance and want to start.

  1. “Ouran Highschool Host Club”
The host club members of Ouran Highschool Host Club posing together.
The host club members together.

When I first started watching anime back in middle school, “Ouran Highschool Host Club” was my first romance anime. “Ouran Highschool Host Club” was released in 2006 and has since become a classic. It is an adaptation of a manga by Bisco Hatori with the same name, and it is known for being an example of a reverse harem and a romantic comedy. 

A reverse harem anime is when a female protagonist is being courted by a group of males.

In this anime, we follow Fujioka Haruhi, a female student on a scholarship to Ouran Academy, a school for the rich. In Ouran, there is a Host Club, a club that caters to the fantasy of female students, run by seven boys. Each of the boys encapsulates a “type” such as “The Princely Type,” “The Intellectual,” “The Twins,” and more. Under certain circumstances, Haruhi ends up being in the Host Club. Together, they navigate romance, humor, different lifestyles, and everything that comes with High School. 

“Ouran Highschool Host Club” is one season, which consists of 26 episodes. At the moment, there is only one season, but there have always been rumors of a second season, so who knows if it will continue on? 

2. “Your Lie in April”

Kaori, the female protagonist of Your Lie in April, crying after playing a song under the cherry blossom trees.
Kaori crying after playing her song.

Now, if you are one for more emotional love stories, “Your Lie in April” is the choice for you. “Your Lie in April” was released in 2015, and though it is one of the best-rated romance animes, it is not your typical romance. 

Based on a manga of the same name by Naoshi Arakawa, it follows a child prodigy pianist, Kousei Arima, who has not been able to play since his mother died. That is until he meets a girl who forces him back into concerts: Kaori Miyazono, an eccentric violinist who lives life to the fullest but has a secret. Through the graphics and music, it draws on many emotions at just the right times. There are also unexpected twists and turns that you will not see coming. 

Through one season with 22 episodes, “Your Lie in April” tells a beautiful and moving story. I personally watch this anime every April because it is one of my favorites, but “Your Lie in April” is the perfect drama for your Valentine’s Day.

3. “Fruits Basket” 

Tohru Honda, the female protagonist of Fruits Basket, smiling during the opening song.
Tohru cheerfully smiling.

Personally, “Fruits Basket” is probably my favorite romance anime. If you are into supernatural elements mixed with romance, this anime has what you need. “Fruits Basket” originally came out in 2001 with one season, but in 2019, it was rebooted and was just completed last year with its third and final season. 

“Fruits Basket” is based on a manga with the same name by Natsuki Takaya. The storyline follows Tohru Honda, a sweet high school student who lost both of her parents. Due to circumstances, she ends up having to live with Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure, who belong to the Sohma family. She soon learns that the Sohmas are possessed by the Chinese zodiac animals and are forced to turn into them when embraced by the opposite gender. 

Tohru helps the family with the emotions that come with their supernatural essence while embarking on her romance. “Fruits Basket” is a classic slice-of-life anime with romance and supernatural elements. Slice-of-life animes typically deal with everyday experiences.“Fruits Basket” is a total of 63 episodes, so you may not be able to finish it in one day, but it is definitely a binge-worthy romance anime.

4. “Snow White with the Red Hair”

 Zen, the prince in Snow White with the Red Hair, helping Shirayuki, the female protagonist of Snow White with the Red Hair, up from the ground.
Zen helping Shirayuki up after she helped heal him.


When talking about romance, there is the classic fairytale story with princes and castles. “Snow White with the Red Hair” is one of these tales. Airing in 2015, this anime is based on a manga with the same name by Sorata Akizuki.

“Snow White with the Red Hair” is not completely a classic tale, though. The female protagonist, aka “Snow White,” is Shirayuki, an independent herbalist who flees her country after the prince tries to force her to be a concubine because of her striking red hair. While in the neighboring country, she meets Zen, the prince of this new country. 

Shirayuki, while very sweet and optimistic, is smart and can defend herself for the most part, while Zen is a classic charismatic prince. Through two seasons with 12 episodes each, we follow their romance as they both find themselves. If you’re a fairytale person, this is the anime for you. 

5. “Kaguya-sama: Love is War”

Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane, the main characters of Love is War, staring at each other during the opening song.
Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane staring at each other.

If you want something more lighthearted, “Kaguya-sama: Love is War” could be the right choice for your Valentine’s Day. Based on its manga counterpart written by Aka Akasaka, “Kaguya-sama: Love is War” came out in 2019. 

In this anime, we follow two geniuses, Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane, who both can’t admit that they are in love with each other. However, they do want to get the other to confess. This leads to a series of manipulating mind games to outsmart each other into a confession. Not only does this anime have a comedic storyline, but it also has an amazing animation style and developed side characters. 

Similar to “Snow White with the Red Hair,” “Kaguya-sama: Love is War” is two seasons with 12 episodes each, but, unlike “Snow White with the Red Hair,” season three has been confirmed by Funimation on October 25, 2020. The specific release date has not been revealed. However, the first two seasons are available for a laugh on your Valentine’s Day. 

Featured Image by Preethi Mangadu.

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