5 Refreshing Drinks to Cool Down with this Summer

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By Hannah Walls
Web Content Contributor

One thing to know about me is that I cannot go anywhere without a beverage in hand, especially during those super important “errands” I always have to run during the summer, e.g. hitting the Target clearance section, seeing if 5 Below has restocked Squishmallows yet and smelling every single candle Marshalls has to offer. Having a cold drink of some kind to cool down during the hottest time of year is absolutely essential.

From coffee to smoothies, I like to rotate through a variety of cold beverages to beat the heat and relax. For those looking to grab a coffee on the way to work or a slushie after a long day at the river, here are my top five favorite summer drinks around San Marcos.

Oreo milkshake from Earth Burger

Milkshakes are one of my all-time favorite summer drinks to have after a long day in the sun. However, my fellow cuties with stomach issues know this isn’t always the smartest move. For the times when I’m craving ice cream, my go-to is definitely an Oreo shake from Earth Burger. Their shakes are made with coconut milk rather than cow milk, so it’s a lot lighter on the stomach. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the coconut milk, but it honestly makes the milkshake so much creamier and I love the taste of it with the Oreos.

Iced black & white from Mochas and Javas

I could make an entirely separate list for my favorite coffee orders around San Marcos, but Mochas and Javas have my heart since it’s also the fan-favorite in my friend group. Although there are a lot of amazing picks on their huge menu, I always go back to the iced black & white for my morning pick-me-up. I have spent way too much money on Mochas & Javas, and needless to say, they will be seeing a lot more of me over the summer.

Orange cream slush from Sonic

Sonic is right up the street from Sewell, so walking there after enjoying a day at the river to get a slushie is one of my favorite ways to end a summer day. Recently, I have been obsessed with the orange cream slush, which is made with orange Fanta and Sonic’s signature vanilla ice cream. This mix is so refreshing and tastes exactly like a Dreamsicle, so it’s the perfect vibe for the summer, especially after a day out in the sun.

Thai tea with tapioca from Teapioca Lounge

I love stopping by Teapioca Lounge before a day of shopping to grab a Thai tea with boba because although it’s better cold, it can sit in my car for a bit between stores without getting too gross. Thai tea is just sweet enough for me that it gives me an extra pep, but isn’t so overwhelmingly sugary that it’ll bother my stomach or make me feel too full. Plus, it’s no secret boba is just super fun to drink in general because of the tapioca pearls.

Jungle juice smoothie from Smoothie Warriors

A smoothie is a perfect way for me to feel refreshed and rejuvenated in the early morning, especially after a night out. Although there are a lot of places to grab a smoothie around San Marcos, Smoothie Warriors is one of my favorites since it is so close to campus and I always feel like some sort of health goddess walking in. The Jungle Juice smoothie has ingredients like pineapple and mango in it that make it a tropical dream perfect for the summertime.

These are just a few of my favorite beverages to cool down with in hot weather. Whether you’re spending time in the sun, going out shopping or just enjoying some much-needed time relaxing at home, having a trusty little drink by your side to sip on is a necessity.

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