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My Night at Harry’s House

todayOctober 1, 2022 54

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By Kylie Hogg
Local Music Journalist

On Tuesday, September 26th, 2022, I had the honor of spending the night at Harry’s House. For those of you who may be unaware, Harry Styles has been going on a residency tour for the past month and a half or so. He has taken over Madison Square Garden for fifteen nights (sold out and earned an honorary banner) and now resides at the new Moody Center in Austin Texas until October 3rd! He also plans on visiting Chicago, Los Angeles, and Toronto.

Harry Styles singing sign of the times at the Moody Theater. He is on a black and white screen. Fans use their phone flashlights to light the arena.
Harry Styles Singing Sign of the Times at the Moody Theater

When he first announced this type of tour back in May, I was shocked. I had never heard of anything like it. However, Harry Styles is smart, and his PR team is smarter. They knew that this tour would allow him to set himself apart from everyone else in the current music industry and could potentially change the game for touring for a long time.

Harry came on at 9 PM sharp which was surprising to me since I am accustomed to artists being at least thirty minutes late to their set times.

Harry Styles at The Moody Center in Austin, Texas. The large crowd is visible and the spotlights are on the center of the stage where Harry is singing.
Harry Styles at The Moody Center in Austin, Texas

He opened with “Daydreaming” from his third album, Harry’s House and immediately the energy throughout the arena was electric. This energy remained the entire night as well. Harry made sure to interact with fans not just in the pit but in the stands as well, which is not something that you see often.

Harry Styles at The Moody Center in Austin, Texas. The large crowd is visible and the spotlights are on the center of the stage where Harry is singing.
Harry Styles at The Moody Center in Austin, Texas

He used his entire stage which was surrounded by the pit so that everyone could see him and moved nonstop the entire show. This was so valuable in keeping the crowd’s energy up all night. However, I think the biggest factor in the killer performance that Harry Styles was able to give that night was due to the long-time fans and the community formed around Harry and his former band, One Direction.

To gain further insight I spoke to my friend and plus one to the show; self-proclaimed “Directioner,” Rubi Kizer.

Kylie Hogg: “How long have you been a Harrie?” (A Harrie is a fan of Harry Styles)


Rubi Kizer: “I’m not a Harrie, I’m a Directioner!”


Kylie Hogg: “Oh! What’s the difference?”


Rubi Kizer: “I’m a fan of Harry because of One Direction.”


Kylie Hogg: “You’ve been to all three Harry Styles concerts, right?

Rubi Kizer: “Yes”


Kylie Hogg: “How have you seen his stage presence evolve over time?”


Rubi Kizer: “His last two tours, he had a 360 stage so that everyone could see him.”


Kylie Hogg: “What was your favorite performance of the night?”

Rubi Kizer: “Probably Sign of the Times. That one is always so cool, because it started it all for him as a solo artist!”


Kylie Hogg: “What do you think about his style right now?”


Rubi Kizer: “His first tour definitely had the best outfits. Im not in love with this tour’s outfits but I think it captures the essence of the album.”


Kylie Hogg: “Do you think that Harry Styles concerts have a very specific atmosphere? How would you describe it?”


Rubi Kizer: “It feels very different from other concerts. It feels more like a production. It feels like an event.”


Kylie Hogg: “What do you think gives it that energy? Is it the fans or is it Harry?


Rubi Kizer: “I think it’s a little bit of both. I think it’s how much he means to people, so the fans really show that by wanting to put in a lot of effort into his shows with like outfits and fan projects.

Featured Image by Kylie Hogg. 

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