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By Julianna Hemenway 

Music Journalist  


Do you ever grow tired of listening to the same genres of music? As school and work progress, it’s commonplace to become bored with everyday tasks. One thing that remedies this feeling is music that tickles your senses. This experimental music mix lets the mind roam with minimal to no lyrics, from digitally mastered drum patterns to simple melodic tunes. If you’re up late getting homework done or up early to get ready for work, adding these songs to your playlist might just be the way to create new meaning in your life.  


Orange and blue album cover listing the tracks on Alura: Alura, Palomar, Your Shadow is the Yellow Sun, Serniga, Kate
Alura Album Cover | Sweet Trip


Sweet Trip – Palomar, Your Shadow Is the Yellow Sun 


This track, along with the other tracks on the album, Alura, utilizes time in a unique way. This song spans for about 6 minutes, taking you along a journey through a well-thought-out world. The atmospheric melodic tunes in the background support the freestyles of the other instruments as if they are communicating. This song is as if your brain’s wavelengths were turned into a sonic medium. At the end, you are met with a refreshing transition into an airy outro. If you’re studying or stuck in traffic, this is the perfect song to lower your blood pressure and dissociate to a better place.  


JOHNNASCUS sitting in a chair outside with grey skies, icon in the top right corner saying [image]
Sitting at the End of the World Album Cover | JOHNNASCUS

JOHNNASCUS – Hypnagogia 


Hypnagogia resides in JOHNNASCUS’ most recent experimental album titled “Sitting at the End of the World.” This track lacks a drumline, instead carrying you through the song with a hopeful, introspective lead and a consistent, supportive background. This song is reminiscent of the Zelda soundtrack due to the melody of the harmonious flute. It’s easy to picture yourself literally sitting at the end of the world, thinking about what was and what will be. It’s a story of resilience, being the last one who survived after it all. This song would be perfect to listen to after a long day, as it nestles you back into yourself. 


Downhill2k01 – Megablast 


If you like drum-and-bass, you’ll like this song. The drums stop and start time, spitting and sputtering in varied ways. The variation in drumlines draws out the melody, which is reminiscent of Sweet Trip, as it responds to the drumline by harmonizing and changing the mood of the song. It’s a relaxed song void of lyrics, inducing constant and focused thought.  


Full Body 2 – dancer’s theme 


This track is upbeat and ear-catching. Airy vocals guide the song, allowing freestyle melodies and a drum-and-bass style of beat. There is a gentle beginning and end of this song, accented with soft synths and bubbly sound effects. This song incites a steady, exciting energy that tricks your brain into daydreaming.  


Three people sit in a circle on the floor in a meditative pose with the words Drum and Bliss and the artists on the record, Sweet Trip, Technicolor, Junior Varsity Km, and Color Filter. Yoga poses are demonstrated.
Drum & Bliss by Various Artists | Darla Records


Technicolor – Paper or Plastic?


This song resides in the 1998 EP called Drum & Bliss among other artists. At 5 minutes and 32 seconds long, this song closes the EP with a relaxed tune and light synths in the background. Amphibious sound effects decorate the song, insinuating a very simple dialogue between instruments. This song is good for studying, as it does not interfere with your train of thought.  

Written by: Preethi Mangadu

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