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Album Review: it lingers by Fromjoy

todayMarch 2, 2023 103

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By Julianna Hemenway

Music Journalist

All my hardcore fans unite, Fromjoy is a force to be reckoned with! In 2022, I had the pleasure of seeing Fromjoy for the first time at No Sleep Fest in Houston alongside other amazing bands including Kaonashi, Hazing Over, and Mexican Coke. Fromjoy are considered Houston legends in my mind after witnessing their entrancing performance. They have a few works available on Spotify, it lingers and away, alongside singles, “only here” and “docility”. I want to take you all on a deep dive of my impressions of their album, it lingers.

The album cover is of a man or sculpture with a black background.
Fromjoy’s first album, it lingers.

Fromjoy’s discography has a variety of sounds, including fast breakbeats and synthesizers besides their metalcore instrumentals and vocals. As a fan of metalcore and the fast tempo of drum and bass, Fromjoy has become one of my new favorite bands. Personally, these elements paired together gives you the best of both electronic music and metal. it lingers is heavy on the metal side with accent breakbeats and synths occurring in “So Young, Too Old”, while “away” is more influenced by drum and bass. Fromjoy knows how to get a crowd moving and invested in the show, as their music encourages movement.

it lingers explores topics of guilt, shame, and trust. Fromjoy sets the tone of the album with an “GhostTape10”, an eerie intro that got anticipated the breakdown of the next song, “Phantom Bullet”. “Phantom Bullet” is a hard-hitting song which speaks of a person who witnesses their father’s suicide, opening with the line “Am I a step in God’s plan or a pawn in the devil’s game?” It toys with the idea that one’s destiny is predetermined by the sins and faults of their own bloodline. Fromjoy accurately depicts the dichotomy that exists in the mind of being torn about your actions and things outside of your control that led you to the present.

“So Young, Too Old” caught my ear in this album. The first half begins with heavy hitting lyrics and instrumentals, contemplating “the line between power and lust.” Halfway through, the music stops and in a few seconds of silence, you are transported to a whole new world of soft synths and breakbeats introspecting on the “golden [hand] that pulled [them] to shore” after being anchored underwater with burden. Fromjoy has a unique perspective, telling stories through a roller coaster of emotions that is so typical of the human mind.

“No Light” has a similar effect to “So Young, Too Old”, only that it uses clear vocals at the beginning paired with a guttural voice that infects you with a melancholic longingness. “No Light” is a gentler song, juxtaposing “No Mouth”, which is the complete opposite. “No Mouth” shakes you awake with a release of high energy vocals spewing intrusive thoughts. This duo of voices makes you think of the dichotomy of trust and betrayal.

it lingers’ one last song, “The Gift of my lingers..” closes out the album in a perfect way. This song takes you for a ride with explosive drops, oscillating guitars, and declarations of malfeasance. It ends with a melancholic guitar lick, mimicking the comedown from an explosion of emotion and contemplation.

Fromjoy has a clear perspective with their common theme of exploring all facets of life. They are known for their :): symbol depicting both a smiley face and a sad face which likely symbolizes their relationship between the two emotions. If you ever manage to catch a Fromjoy show and resonate with their message, you will not regret putting their next show on your calendar! Support your local hardcore scene and mosh to some of the greatest bands you’ll get the pleasure of seeing live before it’s too late. The least you can do is stream Fromjoy on Spotify and follow them on social media to keep updated on their next show, @fromjoy_.

Written by: Preethi Mangadu

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