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KaytrAminé: Group and single breakdown, 4EVA, with Pharrell Williams

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By Adrianna Elias

Music Journalist


Producer Kaytranada and rapper Aminé are teaming up as duo KaytrAminé to release a collaboration album this summer. While it’s exciting that we’re getting an official collaboration project from these two, this is not the pairing’s first time working together. The two artists have been connected since 2013, when Aminé remixed Kay’s single “At All” into the bootleg “Not at All.” This led to Kay producing three tracks on Aminé’s album, Calling Brio.


KaytrAminé announced this collab on their collective Instagrams on April 4 with an orange mixing board that played their names and then teased part of one of their songs. They started their single rollouts on April 7, 2023, with the funk-infused “4EVA” ft. Pharrell Williams, who also co-produced this track. The band is projected to release their self-titled LP in May.


Aminé’s most recent full-length album, TWOPOINTFIVE, was released in 2021. Kaytranada collaborated with Anderson. Paak last year on “Twin Flame” and collaborated with PinkPantheress for “Do you miss me?”


Kaytraminé single cover for 4EVA


Lyric Breakdown

[Verse 1: Aminé & Pharrell]


“Yeah, walk up in this b*tch like sak pasé

She over here talkin’ ‘bout n’ap boule”

“Sak pasé and “n’ap boule” is slang in Haitian Creole for “What’s up?” and “we’re good.”

“I’m so west, it should be my last name”


Aminé is a Portland native, so growing up on the West Coast is a recurring theme in a lot of his discography. This could also be a nod to Kanye West, but that hasn’t been confirmed.


“I’m loyal to my n and I’m loyal to my fam (True)

Y’all switchin’ sides like Stacey Dash”


Stacey Dash is an American actress known for her role as Dionne Davenport in the 1995 comedy/coming-of-age film Clueless. Aminé is making the point about his loyalty in contrast to other people switching up, like Stacey Dash did in her transition from the Democratic to the Republican party in 2012. Aminé, never shying away from politics, made his TV debut after the 2016 election on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and performed an extended version of the hit single “Caroline” that included a new verse aimed at the soon-to-be elected 2016 candidate:


“You can never make America great again

All you ever did was make this country hate again.”


Lyric Breakdown cont.

[Verse 1: Aminé & Pharrell]


“Finna be there for my sons like my name Steven Nash

Or Booker, this a light cook up”


Stephen Nash and Devin Booker are two basketball players with the NBA team Phoenix Suns. Making a play on the words “son” and “suns”; he wants to support his son the way the player supports the Suns. In basketball, to “cook someone up” means to score on a defensive player with ease. He can take care of his family as easily as Nash and Booker score.


“Not a place or a face we done seen like Ciesay”


Imran Ciesay, also known as Ciesay, is the CEO of PLACES + FACES, a global lifestyle brand. Ciesay began as a photographic blog before transitioning to using PLACES + FACES as a platform to explore live shows and parties.


 [Verse 2: Aminé]


“That means forever” “Forever like André”


The title of the song “4EVA” taken from the use of “that means forever,” and “Forever like André,” a direct nod to OutKast’s 2000 hit, “Ms. Jackson,” in the second verse, André 3000 raps:


“On the oak tree, I hope we feel like this forever

Forever, forever, ever

Forever, ever?

Forever never seems that long until you’re grown”


Interpolating, “Ms. Jackson,” Aminé has spoken before in an Instagram post where he met André.   If you know me, you know I’d never be here today if it wasn’t for this man and his art. Legend, monk, and teacher… thank you for being you –- sincerely, a young grasshopper.”

There is another unreleased track titled “Far Out” that was published to Genius along with “4EVA,” which claimed to be an unreleased track. With some digging, I was brought to a SoundCloud link that had the song titled, “Far Out Kaytrnada mix [Stella Artois’ Sessions @ Solstice].” In June of 2020, Kay performed a set at Stella Artois’ Sessions@Solstice in support of the NAACP, where he played a 50-minute set, including unreleased tracks. One being what people are calling “Far Out,” which features Aminé. This is speculated to be next on the singles rollout for the duo in the time before the full album release in May.


Written by: Preethi Mangadu

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