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By Aaliyah Hamilton

Music Journalist


First blessing my eardrums in 2019, Dijon was unlike any artist I’ve heard. He was so addicting by the first listen that I’m still just as hooked four years later. Staying clear of any trends in his way, Dijon creates a path for his own original take in the world of R&B, which is far better than any mustard.

Starting out within the duo Abhi//Dijon, Dijon began releasing music in 2015. Consisting of Abhi Raju and Dijon himself, the duo released an album in 2015 and an EP the following year. Their most popular single from the EP titled Montana is “Often,” with over 17 million streams on Spotify. It is a somber track lyrically that is about reflecting on a relationship that is no longer and coming to terms with the fact that it is now only a memory. Without listening to the lyrics directly, though, the track’s production and vocals are completely mellowed out, which is the sound Dijon remains true to in his solo music today.

The Los Angeles-based artist, who was originally from Maryland, went on to start releasing solo projects in 2017, with his first single being “Stranger,” which still upholds its sound value by sounding like it could’ve been a recent drop from him today. When looking at his discography, he maintains the consistent theme of the vulnerability of an old-school R&B artist with a production value that feels refreshing and spunky and easily sets itself apart from other artists of the same genre.

The track that had instantly put me on was his 2018 release, “Skin,” which just so happens to be his most popular track as well, with nearly 83 million streams. I might just be at least half of those millions of streams, as this is one of many of his tracks that provides the same sensation even after listening to it time after time. Fast-forwarding from his first timeless single, he released his first album, Absolutely, in 2021. Yet again, it still feels brand new, and I appreciate how evergreen he makes his music by simply staying true to himself and his vision.

After releasing said album, he went on to be the opening act for Bon Iver, which at first seemed odd to have an R&B artist open for an indie folk band, but after listening to Absolutely, it only makes so much sense for him to be that act. It carries the same raw vocal substance that Justin Vernon has as the frontman of Bon Iver, so it would be interesting to see a collaboration between the two.

In the past few months, my current obsessions from Absolutely have been the tracks “Talk Down” and “The Dress,” really because I’m a sucker for a unique vocal arrangement and nostalgic-sounding R&B. Neither track follows the typical R&B formula that many artists use today, and the same goes for the rest of the album. They don’t have a very ‘in your face’ production, but it’s just as attention-grabbing in its own right.

At the beginning of March, he finally released his first single since Absolutely, titled “coogie.” With nothing but his voice, a guitar beat, and some mild background vocals, he worked with fellow artist Mk.gee. The track progressively intensifies throughout the song, giving the listeners a tease of what’s to come on his second album.

Written by: Preethi Mangadu

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