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Concert Review: Cartier God with Coldhart, Yawns, i9bonsai, Hi-C, Lil Yawh, and Yung Mijita

todayMay 3, 2023 35

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By Julianna Hemenway

Music Journalist


It finally happened – I saw Cartier God live in Austin at Mohawk! The lineup for this show was full of familiar faces including Yung Mijita, Lil Yawh,, i9bonsai, Hi-C, Yawns, and Coldhart.  Cartier God is a part of Reptilian Club Boyz and FuturisticIdeaz and has collaborated with artists like Bladee doing experimental cloud rap. I’ve been a huge fan of Cartier God for a few years now, so going to this concert was long overdue. Not to mention, all of us fans were weathering the concert through the rain, hail, and chilly weather that Austin had in store for us that night. Despite the delays due to the weather, everyone was hyped for the performances in store for us; everyone had a great attitude! The artists were still very punctual and made the rain enjoyable for the crowd, keeping the energy up and celebrating the night.

 The picture is of i9bonsai on stage in the rain.
i9bonsai sang in the rain unfazed. | Julianna Hemenway

Yung Mijita opened the show, DJing and encouraging everyone to dance and sing along. She continued supporting all the artists on stage throughout the show. Next up was Lil Yawh and Hi-C. Lil Yawh performed some of their many hits including these rackz, these rackz (Sped Up). The crowd jumped up and down in unison as the lights strobed and illuminated the venue. Hi-C kept the energy up, performing hits like LSD on My Tongue and Molliwhopin Xd. i9bonsai gave a heartfelt performance, singing classics like mixd up and globabee,, glo glo. I’ve loved i9bonsai since their debut years ago, so seeing this performance with the rain scattered in the wind and light was cathartic and beautiful. Yawns had a set in the middle of the show where he played emo rap and pop punk classics for everyone to sing along and dance to.

Cartier God and Lil Yawh Are together on stage.
Cartier God and Lil Yawh embrace. | Julianna Hemenway

Once Cartier God got on stage, the crowd went wild. He opened with his hits, including I Want It All and Let Me Go ft. Bladee. The crowd knew every word to these songs, swaying back and forth and videoing every moment of the track. Then he started playing some of his new releases off of No Voice II, #MoonDancing and #MoreGorgeous. Cartier God was super high energy, dancing with all the artists on stage and singing his heart out to the mic. He really seemed to be having a great time performing. He met up with a ton of fans, taking pictures with whoever asked. Cartier God seemed to be very down to earth and caring with his fans.

The picture is of Coldhart singing on stage.
Coldhart interacted with the crowd. | Julianna Hemenway

Last but not least was Coldhart, a veteran of GothBoiClique. Coldhart is known for his work with Lil Peep and is loved and revered as an emo rap and pop punk icon. As soon as Coldhart came out, he jumped in the crowd with everyone as Never started playing. The crowd jumped in unison to the beat, singing every word and embracing Coldhart as one of their own. There was so much love in the audience, as the crowd reflected on classics like Spyro and songs he made with Lil Peep. The comradery was undeniable, Coldhart was taking videos on fans’ phones and shaking hands.


Featured Image by Julianna Hemenway. 

Written by: Preethi Mangadu

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