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Q and Baby Rose: Through the Soul Tour – A Transcendent Musical Experience

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By Adrianna Elias

Music Journalist

As a music journalist, I have the privilege of attending various concerts and capturing the essence of live performances. The first article I wrote for the station was about Q Marsden and how finding his music was something that held me together through the pandemic. Recently, I had the opportunity to see Q and Baby Rose on their “Through the Soul Tour,” an experience that exceeded my expectations. This tour brought together two remarkable artists who showcased their soulful talents and left the audience craving more. From Q’s captivating vocal prowess to Baby Rose’s powerful presence, the night was filled with unforgettable moments that truly resonated with the crowd.

Opening Act: Mamii

The evening kicked off with the sweet and enchanting sounds of Mamii. As she introduced herself to the crowd, her thrilling performance immediately captured everyone’s attention. Playing songs that highlighted her versatility and raw talent, like “F*ck You Up,” “Creepin,” and her new track, “Calling Me Her,” reminded me of something from “After Laughter” by Paramore. Mamii’s infectious energy had the audience barking in delight, setting the tone for an evening that promised to be extraordinary. She asked everyone to bark and meow. I really admire the young generation for going along with it.

Mamii performing on stage during the "Through the Soul Tour."
Opening Act Mamii killing her vocals | Adrianna Elias

Q’s Electrifying Performance:

After Mamii’s set, the crowd eagerly waited for Q’s entrance onto the stage. The intimate setting of the Cambridge Room at The House of Blues in Dallas created an atmosphere that allowed fans to connect with the artist on a deeper level. Surrounded by a diverse audience, including a group of enthusiastic teenagers, the anticipation grew stronger. The room watched as Q and his crew cooked up an intro song that built insane hype and got everyone jumping.

Q’s presence was nothing short of euphoric. His live rendition of his songs added an extra dimension to his discography, highlighting his vocal power and passion. As I saw the transformative experience of one young fan, it was clear that Q’s music could touch hearts and inspire genuine emotions, a reminder of why I love live music. The energy in the room was electric, with everyone dancing and celebrating the magic of Q’s performance.

Baby Rose’s Soul-Stirring Performance:

Next up was the incredible Baby Rose, whose voice resonated with the crowd in ways that are difficult to put into words. Her powerful vocals and captivating stage presence drew everyone into her world. Each song she performed became a statement about love, life and self-discovery, urging listeners to embrace the journey and find strength in even the toughest moments.

The transitions between her songs were seamless and filled with heartfelt messages. Baby Rose’s spoken words were just as impactful as her singing voice, leaving the audience hanging onto her every word. Her album “Through and Through” truly came alive during the live performance, and the fusion of her music with the energy of the crowd created an indescribable experience akin to a spiritual awakening.

Baby Rose singing passionately during the "Through the Soul Tour."
Baby Rose captivating the crowd with her powerful vocals. | Adrianna Elias

Attending the Q and Baby Rose “Through the Soul Tour” was an extraordinary experience. From Q’s mesmerizing vocal range to Baby Rose’s soul-stirring messages, the night was filled with musical brilliance that touched the hearts of everyone in the audience. This concert proved that live performances have the power to transform the way we perceive and connect with artists. It was a night of euphoria, energy, and unity that will be etched in my memory forever.

Man standing next to woman holding a shirt up posing
POV: Me, author of article, meeting Q, holding up his merch I just bought | Adrianna Elias

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