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three basketball players in red prevent two basketball, players, and gray and purple from scoring by a massive block, taken in a purple and white decorated basketball arena.


Rattlers fight hard but fall short to Rockets

By Chris Johnson Sports Reporter   The San Marcos Rattlers (0-4) square off against The Judson Rockets (4-0) in a district affair, where the Rattlers came out faced with a tough defense, while a Rocket offense was hitting on all cylinders falling short in this one 54-22.   The Rattlers came into this one facing injuries with Senior center Amiya Moore in dress clothes for the game. This was a […]

todayJanuary 24, 2023 25

: Family and community supporters gather at the Justice for Josh protest

Hays County

Family of inmate killed by Hays County corrections officer holds protest

By Oli De Los Santos News Reporter   Friends, family and community gathered on the steps of the Hays County Public Safety Building on Sunday to remember the life of Joshua Leon Wright.   Wright, 36, is remembered for co-founding the Facebook group “Take a Picture to End Racism Now” or TAPTERN, which garnered over 10,000 followers, and when a 7-year-old girl in his neighborhood was abducted and sexually assaulted, […]

todayJanuary 23, 2023 39 3

The album cover is a close up photo of a smiling mouth, with the tongue licking the teeth. Blood is dripping from the mouth.

Album Review

Die Spitz: Teeth Album Review

By Lillian Jones Music Journalist The self-proclaimed “boy band with titz” has done it again! The rapidly growing fanbase of Die Spitz was pleasantly surprised this Thursday night, January 12, 2023, with a new album release titled, “Teeth”. Austin locals Boogey, Ava, Chloe and Kate released their debut EP “The Revenge of Evangeline” only six months ago on July 29, 2022, and have since then teased new songs at recent […]

todayJanuary 17, 2023 151 2 3

The image is the KTSW news update logo


Congressman-elect Greg Casar will not be sworn in for now

By Jordan Young  Chief Editor of News  The United States House of Representatives began a process on Monday unseen in over 100 years. For the first time since 1923, a Speaker of the House failed to be elected on the first ballot, meaning Congressman-elect Greg Casar (D-TX35) cannot be sworn in yet.    The last time a party's nominee failed to be elected, Warner Bros. film studio did not exist. […]

todayJanuary 6, 2023 35

The photo is of a pink background with a rainbow yarn crocheted circle. There is a pink crochet needle sticking out of the circle.


Setting Realistic Goals for the New Year

By Hannah Walls News & Culture Assistant   It is once again the time of year when the promises of a clean slate inspire us to make changes in our daily lives. The start of a new year symbolizes the idea of self-improvement, a new routine and increased productivity for many. It is also the time of year when New Year’s resolutions flood social media and many conversations as people […]

todayDecember 30, 2022 471

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San Marcos continues adapting to growing population

By Baylee Green  News Reporter     The San Marcos population has grown rapidly over the past 10 years and is predicted to see numbers rise at a high rate for the foreseeable future.    San Marcos is bound to see a growth in population as a result of the increased admission rates at Texas State University, the addition of major businesses to the surrounding areas and many other factors. Space […]

todayDecember 22, 2022 68


San Marcos Speaks: Favorite Musicians

By Andrea Moor Music Journalist Since moving out to San Marcos, I’ve quickly become acclimated to the ever-growing beauty and significance this town holds. With the vast diversity of the student populous to the established families with generations living in this town, I decided to go around asking people about their favorite musicians, hoping to see if there was any correlation or mass breakthrough in music taste.   First, I […]

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2022 Elections

Nov. 8th, 2022: Hays County Election Results 

By Emma Jones  News Reporter    The November 2022 General Election took place yesterday. The Hays County voter turnout was 52.53%. Out of 170,350 registered voters, 89,493 showed up to the polls to cast their votes.     Below are the statewide election results for the 2022 Texas General Election.    United States Representative, District 21:  Chip Roy – Republican – 54.09%  Claudia Andreana Zapata – Democrat – 45.91%    United […]

todayNovember 9, 2022 96

A psychedelic light show including all the colors of the rainbow is being projected onto Stubb's outside stage. Leah Senior and her band are seen at the very bottom of the picture.


Levitation: Interview with Leah Senior

By Maddy Lehr (KTSW) and Keller Welton (KJHK) After a successful first day of Levitation, Keller Welton, programming director at KJHK Lawrence, and I began our Friday with the lovely Leah Senior. Being her first time in the states, touring with King Gizzard, we hopped on the opportunity to speak with her.   Keller: You’ve been on tour with King Gizzard. How has tour been?   Leah: It’s been really […]

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