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Sabrina Fuentes of Pretty Sick on a red bass guitar.

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Ashley Farnie Assistant Music Director Pretty Sick made a pit stop at Mohawk in Austin in the midst of “The Makes Me Sick” tour. Although the band was accompanied by MILLY and Mitsubishi Suicide on tour, local Austin band Die Spitz took the place of the opening act for the night’s show. When I saw on Instagram that the band I interviewed the week prior was on the bill, my […]

todayNovember 22, 2022 65 8

Image features DIE SPITZ’ vocalist Chloe singing and playing guitar; Chloe is positioned front and center. The left side of the photo features Boogey playing another guitar alongside her. The right side of the photo features bassist Kate swinging her instrument to the side. Multicolored stage lights illuminate both the band and the dimensions of the stage. A red drum kit can be seen peaking out from behind Chloe’s left side.

Concert Review

Boy Band With T*tz: DIE SPITZ at Levitation 2022

By Ashley Farnie, Assistant Music Director and Avery Viers, Local Music Director On Sunday, Oct. 30, 2022, we arrived early for day three of LEVITATION, the established psych music fest hosted annually in Austin’s Red River District at the end of October. We arrived at Mohawk with anxious anticipation, nervously reviewing before our interview with Austin-based grunge band, DIE SPITZ, as they prepared to open for Pleasure Venom and legendary Hard Rock […]

todayNovember 17, 2022 2492 12 2

Kivlen (left), Faber (drums), and Cummings (bass) underneath purple lights.

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Levitation 2022: Psych Rock Feels So Good!

By Ashley Farnie Assistant Music Director I decided to take my weekend at Levitation easy, only driving up to Austin for Saturday and Sunday sets. I was overwhelmed with music consumption despite only attending half of the festival. With a packed set scheduled for Saturday evening featuring headliner Sunflower Bean, Feels So Good Records quickly and kindly assisted Parish in relocating the show due to an unfortunate electrical fire the […]

todayNovember 15, 2022 51 2

Man singing into a microphone under a red light

Concert Review

Concert Review: Omar Apollo at the Aztec Theatre in San Antonio

By Karys Lay Music Reviewer Everyone has heard of the song Evergreen by the artist Omar Apollo by now. It’s a song that is trending all over social media. This song comes from Omar Apollo’s most recent album, "Ivory," consisting of 14 songs. One of his songs features R&B artist Daniel Caesar and another song with bilingual singer Kali Uchis. Apollo is also a bilingual singer, producing songs with a […]

todayNovember 10, 2022 117 3

Adriana Flores and Bryan Ponce from Thee Sinseers

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Thee Sacred Souls

 Mckenzie McGuire “Love is one of the most important ingredients to a good life” Josh Lane (Lead Singer of Thee Scared Souls)   If any artist truly has the power to romanticize your life, it is without a doubt, Thee Sacred souls. Sounds of love filled the air this past Thursday night at Mohawk in Austin as the group took us on a harmonious Journey. Not only is love infused […]

todayNovember 7, 2022 39 6

Image features a dimly lit stage with visuals of tropical birds behind the drummer. Farthest to the left, an outline of Giannascoli’s bass player is visible beside an outline of his drummer to the right. In the image’s far right corner, Giannascoli is seen sitting at a piano.

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Alex G Live at Emo’s Austin

By Avery Viers Local Music Director Since his amateur debut in 2010, Philadelphia-based musician Alex Giannascoli – known professionally as Alex G – has produced nine studio albums. Included in his repertoire of experience is his haunting composition for the highly anticipated indie horror film, “We’re All Going To The World’s Fair.” At just 17 years old, Giannascoli would use his MySpace account to kickstart a career with a discography […]

todayNovember 1, 2022 37 3

Momma band onstage underneath redlights.

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Concert Review: Momma at Mohawk

by Ashley Farnie Assistant Music Director When I cover shows I typically get a plus-one to bring along with me. Sometimes I bring my roommate if she is interested in the music, maybe another journalist or photographer to split the coverage, or a friend, if they’re lucky. Momma’s Household Name tour created quite the commotion amongst my small circle.     Selling out the indoor stage at Mohawk, Momma has […]

todayOctober 12, 2022 92

Lead singer and guitarist, Julie, on a white electric guitar under blue lighting.

Concert Review

Concert Review: All Together Now Festival, Sunday (Day 2)

by Ashley Farnie Assistant Music Director After spending my night in a soggy tent, I awoke early to begin my second and final day at All Together Now. While I folded up my tent and gathered my belongings to take to the press lounge, I took in the foggy mountain views surrounding the festival grounds. Although my Sunday schedule was less stacked than the previous day, the performers were acts […]

todaySeptember 16, 2022 81

McKenna Wells along with other Emo Nite attendees singing along the front of the main stage. Blue and red stage lights are shining in front and behind them.

Concert Review

Wishing Every Night Was Emo Nite: Emo Nite @ Empire Garage

Mckenna Wells Assistant Music Director As someone who frequents the events put on by Emo Nite, I was stoked to hear that they reached out to KTSW about their party at Empire Garage in Austin. Emo Nite started in 2014 when Morgan Freed and T.J. Petracca threw their first party in Los Angeles playing all the classic emo anthems. They called it a celebration, bringing a happy community together over […]

todayJune 21, 2022 66 3

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