International Men’s Day

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A meeting of the Texas State Film club; there are dozens of students inside a small theatre room raising their hands in the air.

International Men's Day

International Men’s Day: Texas State Film Club Members share their comfort movies

By Diego B Gonzales Blog Content Contributor     Nov. 19 is International Men’s Day, a day dedicated towards focusing on the mental health and wellbeing of men all over the world. Everybody has their own way of dealing with stress, one of the most popular being getting lost in media. A “comfort movie” is a movie that may not be perfect but brings comfort to its viewer for one […]

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A black and white photo of a chef cooking in a stainless steel kitchen.

International Men's Day

International Men’s Day: ‘The Bear’ sparks conversation on toxic masculinity and mental health

By Lou Wharton Blog Content Contributor     *This article contains spoilers for Season One of ‘The Bear’, as well as discussions of suicide. Season One, Episode One of The Bear begins with a dream sequence. Our main character, Carmen ‘Carmy’ Berzatto, finds himself on a dark bridge in Chicago, slowly approaching a cage containing (you guessed it) a bear. Carmy moves slowly and calmly as the bear snarls from […]

todayNovember 19, 2023 50

international mens day

International Men's Day

International Men’s Day: An analysis of hegemonic masculinity

By Sydney Seidel Blog Content Contributor   To the bulk of people, the concept of hegemonic masculinity seems indistinct. However, it is undeniable that the stereotype affects the lives of almost everyone in Western society. While not everyone is acquainted with the term “hegemonic masculinity”, if you are to ask any child, youth or adult what “being a man” is to them, they would likely give similar generational descriptions of […]

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international mens day


International Men’s Day: A dive into marginalized communities

Yaa Antwi Blog Content Contributor   San Marcos – International Men’s Day, coined by Dr. Jerome TeeluckSingh, is celebrated on Nov. 9. This day brings awareness to men’s mental health issues. Men, especially men of color and men within the LGBTQ+ community face higher rates of mental health issues. In many cases, there are lack of resources and lack of encouragement for them to seek out help which can rooted […]

todayNovember 19, 2023 15

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