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The 1975 playing live with a static background projected.


The 1975: The 1975 Album Review

By Stephanie Giannuzzi Music Journalist The 1975 consists of four members, drummer/producer George Daniel, bassist Ross Macdonald, lead guitarist Adam Hann, and lead singer, lyricist, producer, and guitarist Matty Healy. This band came together from humble beginnings forming in 2002 in Wilmslow, United Kingdom during their early high school days. They have been releasing successful albums ever since. The 1975 was signed to Dirty Hit Records after multiple attempts with […]

todayOctober 12, 2021 8

Album cover is black and white half Devora’s face and half a scorpion with a red censor bar over the eyes.


Devora: Outlaw Album Review

By Isaiah Gatlin Music Journalist Growing up in the desert heat of Arizona, Devora spent most of her time singing and writing songs. Some of her biggest influences include Johnny Cash and Fields of the Nephilim. On June 25, 2021, self-proclaimed “Goth Dolly Parton,” Devora debuted a mixture of sultry, dark, and femme fatale tones in her debut EP Outlaw. Of course, Devora continues to remain true to the western […]

todaySeptember 30, 2021 4

Stick figures swimming and amusing themselves on a yellow boat in a body of water


Mudhoney: Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge Album Review

By Shack Khoza Music Journalist Underrated Grunge Music are the words to describe this discrete garage rock album/project titled Every Good Boy Deserves Food by Mudhoney. This album is dedicated to those who love alternative and punk rock. It also fits outdoor activities, such as skateboarding or bike riding, since the album gives a certain sense of ferocious, aggressive, and daring characteristics! Some would describe this kind of genre as alternative rock music, […]

todaySeptember 29, 2021 21 1

A painting of the band leader 26, holding a cat in front of a surreal pond setting.


26 Bats!: Portal Party Album Review

By Christian Villarreal Music Journalist There are very few albums out in the world that have their own sound so unique that it makes you question the genre entirely. 26 Bats!’s album Portal Party is an album that pushes the boundaries of genre while creating its own signature sound. Portal Party is not just a collection of low-fi indie songs, it pushes against the rigid boundaries of genre and establishes […]

todaySeptember 22, 2021 9

The album cover to Little Simz’s new 4th studio album. Little Simz sitting with a strong yellow background and suit


Little Simz’s Sometimes I Might Be Introvert: A Cinematic Experience

By Victor Guevara Music Journalist The fourth studio album by the UK rapper is the depiction of a conversation between her internal and external persona mixed with beautiful orchestral scores, soulful beats, and clean bars that make up a cinematic listening experience. Coming into this album, I did not know what to expect as it was my introduction to Little Simz’s music, but beginning this album with the song “Introvert” […]

todaySeptember 21, 2021 2 1

The photo is a rainbow explosion with rainbows text colors of the album name, In Rainbows


Radiohead: In Rainbows Album Review

By Stephanie Giannuzzi Music Journalist In Rainbows by Radiohead is an album that is difficult to resist not writing about. It is noticeable that the impact of a great album does not hit you entirely unless you completely embrace yourself in it and take it in for what it is, a work of art. The appreciation for Radiohead's undeniably unique sound is a massive influence when it comes to one-of-a-kind […]

todaySeptember 10, 2021 23 1

This is the album cover for Glitterer’s Life is Not A Lesson Album. The cover is green with a red, yellow, and orange flower.


Glitterer and Life Is Not A Lesson

By Lesly Milan Music Journalist Formerly known as Title Fight’s co-frontman before the band decided to go on a hiatus, Ned Russin has begun his solo project under the alias, Glitterer. Glitterer began releasing music in 2017, starting with his self-titled album. He expanded his discography a year later with his next EP, Not Glitterer. In 2019, Glitterer released his sophomore album, Looking Through The Shades. Looking Through The Shades included songs like “The […]

todayJuly 12, 2021 6

Cleopatrick band members, at the age of 8 in their elementary classroom. Their eyes are blacked out.


Cleopatrick: Bummer Album Review

By Christian Villarreal Music Journalist Rock music has gone through many changes and has adopted several subgenres since its creation, but rock music itself has been relatively unchanged. Cleopatrick has set their minds to breaking the mold surrounding rock music and is renovating the rock genre altogether with their debut album Bummer. Fuzzy guitar riffs and catchy beats are the least that the Canadian Rock-duo Cleopatrick can do. The band released […]

todayJuly 9, 2021 23

A picture of Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast, clothed in yellow with yellow decor and accessories.


Japanese Breakfast: Jubilee Album Review

By Cassidy SegoviaMusic Journalist Not even two months after appearing on the New York Times’ Best Sellers list for her heartfelt memoir, Crying in H Mart, singer/songwriter Michelle Zauner recently launched her third studio album, Jubilee, under her indie-pop project Japanese Breakfast. From the release of her first two albums to her new book, Zauner’s well-deserved recognition from the media automatically placed the new album at a high value. Music […]

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