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A combination of different types of green plants.

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Sustainability Efforts at Texas State

By Amaya Lewis Culture Assistant Seeing as Earth Day is happening on April 22 this week, it feels like the perfect time to shed light on the importance of ensuring our beautiful planet stays protected for it to thrive long after us. Pollution and deforestation have been among the leading causes of our planet experiencing long-term consequences, such as damaging effects on animals, crops, the ozone and the global climate. […]

todayApril 20, 2023 39 1

A notebook sits on the floor with the words “Job Search” written. Next to it, there’s a computer that’s opened to show parts of a resume and LinkedIn profile.


Job Searching in Your Final Semester of College

By Amaya Lewis Culture Assistant As graduation nears and my journey at Texas State makes its way to an end, there has been a lot of reflection and preparation for life as a fully working adult. Going from high school straight into college, you gain more freedom than you had previously while living under the watchful eyes of your family, though it somehow feels like a trial period before starting […]

todayMarch 23, 2023 47 1

On a white sheet of paper, the top is labeled “K-pop” with green, blue, pink, and orange colors next drawn into the words. On the left side of the paper, there are hands being held in the air with small hearts drawn around it. On the right side, a hand doing the formation of a heart is shown, also with an actual heart placed above the hand. In the middle of the paper is a black plus sign while on the bottom of the paper, “Black Culture” is written with the colors green, yellow, black, and red.


Black Culture’s Influence on K-pop

By Amaya Lewis News and Culture Assistant Throughout the past several years, K-pop has grown exponentially into a massive global phenomenon. Fans around the world have rallied to support their favorite artists in a genre known to produce catchy melodies, intricate choreography and showcase stunningly attractive musicians that spend many years learning how to sing and dance to perfection. Additionally, K-pop’s visible success is incredibly powerful in terms of increasing […]

todayFebruary 23, 2023 155 3

On the ground of a Subway train, lays an unconscious man known as Spider-Man, a man in a ripped red suit, with his mask off while surrounded by lots of people.


Five Reasons Tobey Maguire is the Best Spider-Man

By Amaya Lewis Web Content Contributor Throughout the past two decades, we’ve had several versions of Spider-Man, as his character can be morphed and stretched to fit multiple different adaptations. A prime example of this was in Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, which showcased both new and old variations of Spider-Man that people have come to love. However, what is the core unifying factor of this character that has allowed these […]

todayNovember 25, 2022 680 4

On the ground, there are multiple boxes of video games cases in an arranged circle. In the middle of the circle, there two’s controllers. The blue controller on the left if for the Xbox 360, while the white controller on the right is for the PS5.


Being a Completionist Gamer

By Amaya Lewis Web Content Contributor Those who play video games casually can enjoy the beauties of what the game offers, whether general exploration, side missions, or upgrades, before moving on to the next game. Casual gamers seem to have an internal threshold that, upon finishing the main quest and several side objectives afterward, can feel satisfied with what they accomplished. For a completionist gamer, however, max progression becomes something […]

todayOctober 21, 2022 1091 4

Two women are shown. One is sitting while the other is standing. The woman that’s standing is smiling as she leans over the woman sitting down. The woman sitting down is frowning, clearly displeased by what the girl standing over her is saying.


Colorism-The Mixed Perspective

My First Experience with Colorism It was July of 2019 – the summer before I would leave for college. The little girl I befriended down the street had knocked on my door, asking if I could come out and meet her cousins. Outside waiting were six little boys between the ages of 7-13, along with an 11-year-old girl who seemed shy and quiet. Once the boys noticed me, however, they […]

todayOctober 5, 2022 69 5

An essential character in the movie, Set It Up, is shown sitting at her desk while in the process of working as a serious expression adorns her face.


The Toxic Cycle of Hustle Culture

By Amaya Lewis Web Content Contributor College – a time when young adults come to have fun while simultaneously bearing the weight of overwhelming pressures to perform. Whether from family members, friends, social media or personal expectations, most, if not all of us, have heard or felt the need to hustle until exhausted and accomplish what many take a lifetime to do by the time we’re 25. On social media, […]

todaySeptember 25, 2022 56 6 2

The main characters of Avatar: The Last Airbender are shown exchanging a group hug, smiling and looking at each other fondly.


Why Avatar: The Last Airbender is a Masterpiece

By Amaya Lewis Web Content Contributor In the wake of the announcement that there will be three Avatar movies released, it feels important to touch on the series that started it all. Given that it was released in 2005, Avatar: The Last Airbender’s ability to stand the test of time, remaining a beloved show to old and new viewers while generating a spin-off series with three movies on the way, […]

todaySeptember 7, 2022 164 14

The cast of Stranger Things Season 4 are shown in a drawn artwork image, as well as the ominous eyes of the series’ main villain in the background. Along with the cast are key artifacts to season 4, showing a house, an airplane, a clock, a sled, and a watch tower.


Stranger Things Season 4 | A Brutally Honest Review

By Amaya Lewis Web Content Contributor ***Major Spoilers Ahead!!!*** On May 27th and July 1st, 2022, after having been delayed for nearly three years due to COVID-19, Stranger Things season 4 dropped, eliciting an explosion of excitement from worldwide viewers – myself included. Brimming with wonderful sci-fi twists, new characters, and emotional gut punches, the popular show had many successful moments that left viewers rapidly bingeing episodes while rushing to […]

todayJuly 13, 2022 1361 13

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