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Shot of campus from LBJ Student Center overlooking the McCoy College of Business Administration and Ingram School of Engineering with a couple of students passing through empty pathways.


Why College Doesn’t Have to Be the Best Four Years of Your Life

By Hannah Brown Web Content Contributor The cliché that college is the climax or pinnacle of your life and everything you experience thereafter is a point of constant decline is incredibly disheartening. This idea circulates in our society but has little tactile or meaningful evidence in support of its claims. Of course, there will always be those with an adversarial stance on this topic, and to some degree, I do […]

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Why Changing Your Major is an Act of Bravery

By Hannah Alvarado Blog Content Contributor Okay, okay, I know it’s not a death defying act, there’s no dragon breathing fire or kingdom to defend, but hear me out. Once upon a time, I was a young, driven biology major. A community college, pre-med student with every intention of becoming a pediatrician. The sciences had always been absolutely fascinating to me, in combination with my humanitarian urges, and I believed […]

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