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Mass Comm Week: Digital Media Alumni Share Career Experiences

By Piper BlakeAssistant Web Content Manager The School of Mass Communication and Journalism (SJMC) is one of the largest schools within Texas State with a wide array of majors students can choose from. These majors include public relations, journalism, advertising and digital media. That is why we have Mass Comm week once a year that allows SJMC students to get more information on their chosen career and to create connections […]

todayOctober 23, 2019 25

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The Places Mass Communication Majors Will Go

By Allison Johnson Blog Content Contributor I feel like almost everyone I meet at Texas State is a business major. Nothing wrong with it of course, but some of them are almost unnerving when I tell them I’m an electronic media major. “What is mass communication?”. Communication of the masses, duh. No, but really, I love my major and I get excited when talking about the influence digital media has […]

todayDecember 2, 2017 20

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To Code or Not to Code

By Jenise Jackson Blog Content Contributor Have you ever found yourself thinking about what it took to build the websites you visit on a regular basis? How about those apps that help you make it throughout the day? Maybe my love for technology drove my interest in learning how they come to be. So once I started college and realized I wanted to have a future with communications and digital […]

todaySeptember 20, 2017 22

Humans of San Marcos

Humans of San Marcos: Jaylynn Davenport Debunks Artist Stereotypes

By Brittney Hemmands Blog Content Contributor To some individuals, being an artist may seem like a strange or risky career to choose when working towards a college diploma. A few of the common opinions on the career choices are that it is “too easy” or “worthless in the workforce”, assuming that an Art major will not be able to support themselves financially. Texas State student and artist, Jaylynn Davenport, proves […]

todayJuly 11, 2017 71

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