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AirPod Pros (center) lie opened, on brown marbled concrete.


Apple AirPods: Friends or Foes?

By Sofia Psolka Web Content Contributor When Apple released their first wire-free headset, everyone went crazy—AirPods became the new best friend. If you ever wanted to tune out a particularly boring conversation, you could simply pop in the pods; discrete and effective! It was a source of comfort and protection from dreaded social interaction. No one cared about the subpar sound quality, compared to competitors like Beats by Dre or […]

todayOctober 9, 2022 46

Illustration of the coronavirus, and various cartoon drawings of items such as masks, computers, and books surrounding it.


The silver lining of COVID-19

By Andie MauWeb Content Assistant Manager COVID-19 has indisputably changed the world forever, impacting the economy, health and social spheres beyond recognition. Yet the need created out of the current crisis also necessitates innovations that have undeniably improved the quality of life for many. While we cannot mitigate the amount of loss humanity has faced since COVID, a positive mind-set helps construct a better future. Greater awareness for mental health […]

todayFebruary 27, 2021 32

An aerial view of Greenland’s ocean with icebergs and sunlight on the water


Why the “Climate Emergency” Trope is Starting to Feel Worn Out

By Brittany AndersonWeb Content Contributor You’ve heard all the trigger words and phrases: “climate change,” “global warming,” “12 years to act.” We’re constantly bombarded with this information on social media, told that our human actions on the planet are irreversible and have to constantly adjust to navigating a social and political atmosphere of climate change deniers.  When I say the climate emergency feels “worn out,” I mean that the way […]

todayNovember 6, 2019 53


Greenhouse Jams

By Brooke Vega Music Journalist Recycling is something that everybody on this earth can contribute to. I believe strongly in trying to make the earth just a little bit greener everyday, and we can all easily do it. There’s so much reusable plastic, glass, paper, cans and food that go unrecycled and eventually end up hurting the environment even more. With some people in the United States thinking climate change […]

todaySeptember 1, 2017 18

Web Content

Earth Day: Going Green in College

By Allison Johnson Blog Content Contributor I can honestly say I have not participated in any Earth Day activities since elementary school. These activities were often made up of learning of ways to keep the earth clean, being energy efficient, and making Earth Day themed arts and crafts. Earth Day wasn’t a big deal in high school either, and there’s no way in hell professors are setting aside time to […]

todayApril 22, 2017 10

San Maximum

How to End Danger for San Marcos Endangered Species

By Austin Cowan Blog Content Contributor Many of the endangered species living in San Marcos are concentrated in the headwaters of the San Marcos River. The river flows with water straight from the Edwards Aquifer which contains seven endangered species and one threatened species. With the increase in development and pollution in our city, the future existence of these species is not guaranteed. After reading this blog, San Marcans will know […]

todayFebruary 25, 2017 112


Community Members Take Action Against Float Fest’s Alleged River Abuse

By Clayton Kelley Assistant News Director UPDATED: 7/29/2016 With a record breaking attendance averaging over ten thousand people, Float Fest is becoming a trademark music festival for the city of San Marcos, causing some residents to become skeptical of the trash that is being left behind. Members of groups such as the Eyes of the San Marcos River are expressing their grievances towards this issue on social media, including the […]

todayJuly 27, 2016 451

In the Public Interest

In the Public Interest Discusses Mental Health

By Jacquelyn Carter In the Public Interest Host   For over 65 years, Mental Health Awareness Month has been observed during the month of May.  Mental health is defined as a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being. Join your host Jacquelyn Carter and DaLyah Jones with news director Taylor Zavala and reporters Clayton Kelley and Carlos Marquez III. One of the underlying problems of mental health is the […]

todayApril 29, 2016 91


Endangered Species of San Marcos

Carlos Marquez Senior News Reporter There are seven endangered species that inhabit the Edwards Aquifer as well as a species that is threatened. The Texas Blind Salamander, Texas Wild Rice and the Comal Springs Riffle Beetle are all among the endangered species. The San Marcos Salamander however, is the lone threatened species in the Edwards Aquifer system. Two organizations that work to preserve endangered species in the San Marcos area […]

todayFebruary 2, 2016 145 2

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