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A drive-thru headset propped up on a pair of medium-sized plastic gloves on top of a steel table.

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Fast Food: The Employees Perspective

By Haley Velasco Web Content Contributor   In a world of shakes, fries, burgers, chicken nuggets and angry customers, fast-food has been America’s hot spot for decades. Although grabbing a quick bite is a common occurrence, not everyone sees the perspective from the other side of the counter. Employees are harassed and overwhelmed daily, which is why it’s important to see this perspective from just a handful of fast-food employees. […]

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This is a picture of a whataburger number and the receipt on what my friends and I bought.


Ways to Avoid Spontaneous Spending

By Mia RobinsonWeb Content Contributor Being a college student on a budget is hard, especially when you are always surrounded by your friends. I spend money that I could save for rent or groceries on fast food, clothes and Venmo. Last week, I came to the realization that it isn’t just me doing this. There are some ways I can be better at saving money! One thing you could do […]

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San Maximum

San Maximum: The Whataburger Experience

By Austin Cowan Blog Content Contributor Whataburger is loved in Texas, so it's not a surprise that it is one of the most loved restaurants in San Marcos. With thousands of people visiting this orange and white stripped building every day, Whataburger has earned its place as part of the maximum San Marcos experience. Whataburger will feed just about everybody, from families on shopping sprees to college students hungry after bar crawls. San […]

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Wendy’s​ ​Employees​ ​on​ ​Strike​ ​Against​ ​Inadequate​ ​Work​ ​Conditions

By Clayton Kelley Assistant News Director After working in 100-plus temperature conditions at Wendy’s, employees have had enough. Josh Perez, public administrations senior and overnight staff-member, spearheaded a strike this past weekend in an effort to resolve the matter. Along with equipment constantly on the fritz, Wendy’s has not had a stable air conditioning unit in the two years Perez has worked there, he said. “One of our shift leader […]

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