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San Maximum: The Whataburger Experience

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By Austin Cowan
Blog Content Contributor

Whataburger is loved in Texas, so it’s not a surprise that it is one of the most loved restaurants in San Marcos. With thousands of people visiting this orange and white stripped building every day, Whataburger has earned its place as part of the maximum San Marcos experience. Whataburger will feed just about everybody, from families on shopping sprees to college students hungry after bar crawls. San Marcos is blessed with two Whataburgers and this blog post will provide some helpful information about which one to visit during the day, and what to order.

If you visit the Whataburger off of Exit 204 on I-35 you will be at one of the most profitable restaurants in the chain. This Whataburger seems to always be busy, which makes sense because it is located near Texas State University and I-35. When the bars close at the Square in Downtown San Marcos, many Texas State students head over to Whataburger to get their honey-butter chicken biscuits. I have participated in this ritual myself after a night out on the town, and trust me, lots of people will do this. The best place to get these biscuits late at night will be at Whataburger’s second location in San Marcos, which is by the Outlet Mall. The Whataburger here will normally have a shorter line at the drive through then the one by exit 204.

The Whataburger located off of I-35 and Redwood is one of the most profitable Whataburger's in Texas. Photo by Austin Cowan.
The Whataburger located off of I-35 and Redwood is one of the most profitable Whataburger restaurant. Photo by Austin Cowan.

The burgers can come with either burger patties or chicken strips. The burgers here are Texas-sized, and so are the buns. The burger patties are pretty good and really pack a lot of flavor. A customer can stack one burger with up to three patties. When ordering a meal, make sure to get spicy ketchup to go with your fries.

Eating one of the All Time Favorite Menu options may feel a little greasy, but it’s worth it; the flavor of the Whataburger Patty Melt is absolutely insane. Back in the day when the Patty Melt was only a seasonal option on the menu, my family, friends and I would always take mini vacations to Whataburger and all order one. Other specialty burgers include the Monterey Melt, Honey BBQ Chicken Strip sandwich, Green Chilly Double, A1 Thick and Hearty Burger, the Chop House Cheddar Burger and the Sweet and Spicy Chicken Burger. The Sweet and Spicy Chicken burger may be Whataburger’s best burger because who doesn’t like bacon?

Families are often seen at Whataburger. This makes sense because the kids meal is great and parents can order meals they will enjoy just as much as their kids do. The kids meal burger, justaburger, is smaller than the Whataburger, and the ideal size for kids. Kids can also get chicken strips or a grilled cheese sandwich.

Whataburger is a wonderful fast food chain which many people in San Marcos love. They have many other great food options, like pancakes for breakfast. Locals in San Marcos often run into each other at this orange and white building. In order to get the maximum San Marcos experience I recommend you stop by Whataburger soon.

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