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SXSW Amazon Film Screening: A Review on Selfie

By Stacey RamirezWeb Content Contributor “Selfie” is a French anthology film. With a run time of one hour and 48 minutes, it tells the satiric stories of social media and society and its unhealthy obsession that's almost normalized now. This film has five directors: Marc Fitoussi, Cyril Gelblat, Vianney Lebasque, Thomas Bidegain and Tristan Aurouet. The film shows many similarities to the TV show “Black Mirror” as both tell stories […]

todayMay 15, 2020 7

a screenshot from the Tigers Are Not Afraid


“Tigers Are Not Afraid”: a Review

By Andrea MauWeb Content Contributor "Tigers Are Not Afraid" is a horror and magical realism film directed by Issa López. It follows Estrella, a girl growing up in an unnamed Mexician city where gangs and political corruption run rampant. Teaming up with a gang of local homeless children, Estrella must use the help of magic and the living dead to avenge her town.   Scene from "Tigers Are Not Afraid." Screenshot […]

todayApril 14, 2020 16

a screenshot from the Gozu


“Gozu”: a Review

By Andrea MauWeb Content Contributor "Gozu," directed by Takeshi Miike, is a Japanese horror film and also one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever watched.   Scene from "Gozu." Screenshot by Andrea Mau via Takeshi Miike. "Gozu" follows Minami, a yakuza member who has been ordered to kill one of his fellow members, Ozaki. The two are sent out on a road trip to Nagoya under the guise of visiting […]

todayApril 9, 2020 195

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The Weekend Review

By Julian SaldanaVideographerIn The Weekend, Sasheer Zamata, a former cast member of SNL, plays a comedian named Zadie who describes herself as “super single” and “a supporting character in someone else's romantic comedy," but ends up shining as the true star she is. The movie opens up with her getting in the car with her ex-boyfriend Bradford, played by Tone Bell. After some awkward banter a bit of laughter Bradford […]

todayMarch 28, 2019 13

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The Art of Self-Defense: Review

By Julian SaldanaVideographer This review contains some spoilers of the film. The first movie I saw this SXSW was no other than The Art of Self-Defense. I went in without doing much research on the film, and I’m thankful I didn’t. Going in not knowing anything let me go in with an open mind and really just sit back and enjoy almost every aspect of the film. It was different […]

todayMarch 27, 2019 16

Mad Max


Mad Max: Fury Road, a Summer Blockbuster defying the Patriarchal Action-Film Industry

By Daniela Garcia Blog Content Contributor *KTSW consists of and respects  varying opinions within its staff. Opinion articles do not reflect the opinion of  KTSW as a whole. [Spoiler Alert] As we begin to settle down into the calmer pace of our Texas summer, we may find ourselves with a bit more time to splurge at local theaters in hopes of catching an interesting flick. With our usually friendly Texas temporarily forgetting its routine summer heat recently, things have been somewhat out of place so it is perfectly understandable […]

todayJune 4, 2015 66

We Like it Like That SXSW film


“We Like It Like That” Chronicles, Champions the Underdog Story of Latin Boogaloo

By Monica Solis KTSW Music A SXSW 2015 film review Before there was salsa, there was Latin soul - more endearingly referred to as Latin Boogaloo. Boogaloo, a New York barrio-born fusion of Afro-Cuban beats, mixed with elements of jazz and soul, emerged as a funky, non-traditionalist musical style in the 1960’s. “We Like It Like That,” a documentary directed by Matthew Ramirez Warren, traces the intriguing cultural roots of […]

todayApril 13, 2015 2



Film Fix: John Cazale

Welcome back to Other Side Drive’s Film Fix, the segment  where we dip into all things cinema. This week, fellow film aficionado Daniel Fickman, brings a surprising focus. Follow this link for a complete download of Film Fix: John Cazale This week’s segment I want to focus on the great actor John Cazale. “Who?” You might be asking yourselves. He’s an actor who’s name might escape you, but who’s face […]

todayAugust 6, 2014 160

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