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Redefining My Purpose

By Lea Mercado Web Content Assistant Manager Have you ever felt like you were put on this earth to do something big? No one told you to or provided instruction, but the feeling persisted until reality stepped in the way or self-doubt crept in. I know that feeling, and while some may categorize that feeling differently, I call it purpose. For the longest time, I thought that my purpose was […]

todayMay 5, 2022 40

A photo of bobcat statue with trees in the background. The statue is standing on top of a pillar.


Thank you, Texas State University

By Calvin L MillerWeb Content Contributor After two years, my long journey of attaining a master’s degree is now complete, all thanks to Texas State University and its wonderful staff. When I graduated with my bachelor’s in 2011 and relocated to Dallas, Texas, I floated around from job to job until I ended up accidentally becoming a teacher for three years. However, after five years in Dallas, I knew I […]

todayJuly 6, 2021 151

A green background with the words "calvinomics fin pt. 2" written


Calvinomics: Episode 42

By Calvin MillerPodcast Manager In this last episode, Calvin says goodbye and his thoughts on the future, the present and some of his past. Keep your head up all. Do your best. Learn. Grow. Experience. Tune into this last episode. Calvin thanks all of his listeners, KTSW, fellow colleagues and Texas State University for the opportunity. This has been Calvinomics. Featured Image by KTSW Multimedia

todayJune 17, 2021 20

girl throwing grad cap next to text, "College advice: from a graduate"


Advice to College Students: From a Graduating Senior

By Ally BolenderNews Content Manager As I reflect on my last week as a college student, I’m happy with the way that I’ve done these last few years. The years I spent at Texas State have been the best years of my life and while everyone’s experience is different, I hope I can offer some pointers as to what I wish I would’ve done more of and what I did […]

todayDecember 14, 2020 35


The Graduation Surprise

By Gena SysavathWeb Content Contributor Graduation is a time to celebrate. That’s what we have always been told. However, if you’re anything like my best friend, the ultimate introvert, then that’s probably not the case. Let’s go back just a couple of years, like 22-years ago. I was born. My best friend? She was at my birth. I mean she was only 9-months old, so I’m sure she doesn’t remember […]

todayDecember 11, 2020 36

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A Job? In This Economy?

By Ally BolenderWeb Content Assistant Manager When I told my professor that I wasn’t intending on finding a job directly after graduating, his eyebrows furrowed. Throughout my years at college, the idea of job hunting has always been intensely stressed. All I heard was, “get more than one internship, build a portfolio, get work published, get LinkedIn connections, start applying months before you graduate...” This sense of job-search-doom has loomed […]

todayOctober 13, 2020 16

A poster of TXST university close-up.


A Message To My Roommates

By Tiger ShiWeb content Contributor Last year, my junior year, was the first year I lived off-campus. I was roommates with a great high school friend during my freshman year. During my sophomore year, I got assigned to an obnoxious roommate and I couldn’t stand him. Last year, I roomed with great people, finally leaving the on-campus “circus.” Here is my “letter” to them since I will be the first […]

todaySeptember 29, 2020 8


College Seniors Say an Early Goodbye

By Megan WehringAssistant News Director SAN MARCOS, Texas – The senior class of 2020 are spending their last semester in an online classroom, with an anti-climactic end to their college career. From finding the perfect quote for their cap decoration to longing for pictures under the UAC arch, Texas State seniors are finding that their goodbye on campus is arriving earlier than they planned. While it’s expected to have a […]

todayApril 26, 2020 60

The registration page of Texas State’s self service menu


The Perils of Registration

By Brittany AndersonWeb Content Contributor According to the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, divorce is the second most stressful event in a person’s life. Marriage is number seven. Retirement clocks in at number ten. One event remains unaccounted for, though, and should be added towards the top of the list— and that’s “registering for classes.”  For many college students, the early morning hours of registration are a nightmarish, disheveled mess. […]

todayOctober 30, 2019 12

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