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A Message To My Roommates

By Tiger Shi
Web content Contributor

Last year, my junior year, was the first year I lived off-campus. I was roommates with a great high school friend during my freshman year. During my sophomore year, I got assigned to an obnoxious roommate and I couldn’t stand him. Last year, I roomed with great people, finally leaving the on-campus “circus.” Here is my “letter” to them since I will be the first among all of us to graduate.

Bradley Taylor

I knew Bradley first. He was genuinely the first friend I’ve made since coming to Texas State. He is currently an economics major who is enthusiastic and nice to hang out with. I want to thank him because he was the one who introduced me to off-campus living in the first place.

To Bradley—

You are an awesome best friend. Ever since we met at that org meeting, I knew we were meant to be friends. I was excited that we could graduate after the same semester but upon hearing that you delayed your graduation date, I will be happy to advise you in your extra semester ahead.

I enjoy the topics that we talk about. From politics to Star Wars, we are on the same boat. I also enjoyed the time we made up nicknames for our professors and faculty. For my instructors, my favorite ones were “John Williams” and “the monk.” I liked your instructors’ nicknames too. Good luck dealing with an extra semester and best of luck finding a career despite COVID.

Cristian Cavazos 

I met Cristian during a Halloween party one year. We didn’t really talk again until I helped him move-in last year. I liked how he has a strong motivation to express his knowledge. After all, he is a political science major and has a meaningful purpose in using that degree for his future.

To Cristian—

I am glad that I recruited you into YCT during that student organization fair in 2018. Ironically, I later left that org and now look at you! You’re now the chairman of the chapter. It’s a great honor!

What I like the most was when you gave me workout advice as well as car tips when I foolishly damaged my vehicle. You also gave me restaurant recommendations, as well as dating strategies. I appreciate it.

Have fun next year as a senior and don’t forget to make it memorable!

Isaiah Castaneda 

Isaiah is Cristian’s best friend. As a radiation therapy major, Isaiah is determined to achieve his long-term goals. This is evident because he manages his time well between his classes and hanging out with us.

To Isaiah—

Hey, buddy, I have only known you for a year since you transferred l from Texas Tech but it’s no biggie. You are still a hilarious friend, not going to lie, I enjoyed the dark humor jokes you throw at me and it’s quite a way to cheer me up when I had a bad day.

I am glad that I got to take care of your dog, Athena. She is adorable and you’re an awesome owner to her. I like how Bradley and I got you into Star Wars; it sure is a masterpiece of a franchise.

I know I don’t talk a lot when the five of us are hanging out together and I don’t tend to workout with y’all but regardless of that, we maintained a organized living space. I will be graduating soon but that doesn’t mean I will leave San Marcos forever, I attend to come by time-to-time. Take care.

Travis Anderson

I also met Travis at the same Halloween party where I met Cristian. We had hit it off and added each other on Snapchat after the party. I initially saw him as an acquaintance. My view changed after living with him last year.

To Travis—

You, sir, are the most sarcastic amongst us. Sometimes, I just want to mentally scream when I see and hear your catchphrase, “But, why though?”…Just kidding…For real, you are pretty chill. I am happy to help with things like giving you dating advice, feuding with you while using dark humor and comparing memes.

You make fun of my podcast a lot but I don’t mind. I can handle mockery even though sometimes I don’t sound like I can. Since your major is chemistry (or something along those lines), will you say “hi” to my godfather for me? He is Dr. Chang Ji, associate professor. It will be cool if you are in his class sometime in the future. 

Hope you like senior year, Godspeed. “Brown sugar!”

four men stand side by side of each other holding cups
(Left to right) Tiger Shi, Cristian, Travis and Bradley. Photo taken by friend of Tiger Shi

Roommates come and go during your four years at college. For me, these four are another family. They are essentially brothers from other mothers. We differ in religious beliefs, have similar political views and have different hobbies. Although, through all our differences we get along well like a miniature fraternity.  

Feature Image taken by Tiger Shi

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