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A crowd of people at the festival with the text NIOSA in colorful lettering with colorful pom poms going across the top.



By Darcie Papillion Web Content Contributor As people make their way through the gates, a feeling of excitement spreads throughout the crowd of people, after all, NIOSA (Night In Old San Antonio), or Fiesta, is back! NIOSA is a four-night festival held in the heart of downtown San Antonio. The festival, established in 1936, was a simple one-day harvest festival that has grown over time and has held different names […]

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A sunset scene of orange and red, with different shades of green hills, a grey road with two vertical yellow lines running through the middle. A brown car is driving along on the right side of the road with a "Welcome to Texas" sign in front of it with the Texas flag on it. Words are on the hills in brown saying "History of the Hill Country."


History of the Hill Country: The End

By Calvin Miller Podcast Manager   In this last episode of History of the Hill Country, Calvin finishes his mini-series with some final thoughts on the Hill Country, the state of Texas and history of the area. Tune in! Featured Image by KTSW Multimedia

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A photo of an avocado sliced in half sitting on a cutting board on top of a wood table.


The Avocado Trade

By Calvin L MillerWeb Content Contributor For an absurd amount of time, I thought the avocado was a vegetable; it turns out, it's a fruit. After that embarrassing fact was made known to me, I began learning other aspects of what is called the "green gold" down in Mexico, specifically the state of Michoacan. Archeologists have found the seeds of the avocado dating back to Peru around 750 B.C. From […]

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A photo of a red, black, and green flag hanging off the side of a brick building with trees in the background as well as power lines.

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What is Juneteenth?

By Calvin L MillerWeb Content Contributor I was not aware of Juneteenth until I moved back to Texas in June of 2011 from Illinois. After getting a job as a middle school teacher, I was asked to teach Texas History, and the topic of Juneteenth came up. After some research, it's pretty wild that I wasn't made aware of this celebration day until moving to Texas, but it does seem […]

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A photo of different photos showing aspects of Operation Paperclip. One photo shows a rocket. Another photo shows two scientists and an army soldier. One photo shows Operation Paperclip with a description of the program. The other photos show railroad tracks, prisoners, vehicles and maps.

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Operation Paperclip: What is it?

By Calvin MillerWeb Content Contributor As World War II was drawing to a close and the allies began cornering the Nazis, the discovery of all the work the Nazis had conducted began to become uncovered. Also, before the current enemy was even defeated, a new enemy of the United States began brewing its head, Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union. The United States government, specifically the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency, […]

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A cartoon car driving down the road with green hills in the background and a sign with the Texas flag is displayed on the side of the road. The text History of the Hill Country is displayed in the middle in brown letters


History of the Hill Country Ep. 7: Junction

By Calvin MillerPodcast Manager In this episode of History of the Hill Country, Calvin explores one of the farthest towns way out west in the Hill Country called Junction, Texas. All throughout the Hill Country, there are little towns sprinkled here and there, and Junction shouldn't go unnoticed as it's one of the last stops before the Hill Country gives way to Big Bend Country. Listen in! Featured image by KTSW […]

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Hands making a triangle with the years 1993-2021


Daft Punk’s “One More Time”

By Sarah GrunauMusic Journalist February 22, 2021, marked the end of a progressive era for dance music. Pop electro duo, Daft Punk, released the news of their split with an 8-minute video posted to YouTube. The video features the two robot members of the band walking in the desert with one eventually self-destructing, while the other continues his walk alone, signifying the breakup of one of the greatest electronic dance […]

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road that leads toward a horizon surrounded by green hills and a car on the road. with history of the hill country across the image


History of the Hill Country Ep. 3: Dripping Springs and More

By Calvin MillerPodcast Manager In this episode, Calvin continues his journey through the Hill Country starting with Dripping Springs, then onto Bee Cave (even though it can be called Bee Caves), followed by the Lakeway area and finishing up the episode with Barton Creek! Check this episode out for some great information on these popular areas of the Hill Country. Featured image by KTSW Multimedia.

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Image hands reaching for one another over image of Earth.


A Lookback on the First Part of 2020

By Jess BazalduaWeb Content Contributor We rang in the new year with such high expectations, and everything went downhill from there. From the prevalence of COVID-19 to disasters of apocalyptic proportions, events between January and July 2020 appeared to stem from the Book of Revelations. Has this year already been the worst for Millennials and Generation Z, or has a new perspective shifted the qualifications for something terrible? While we […]

todayAugust 8, 2020

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