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The photo is of a pink background with a rainbow yarn crocheted circle. There is a pink crochet needle sticking out of the circle.


Setting Realistic Goals for the New Year

By Hannah Walls News & Culture Assistant   It is once again the time of year when the promises of a clean slate inspire us to make changes in our daily lives. The start of a new year symbolizes the idea of self-improvement, a new routine and increased productivity for many. It is also the time of year when New Year’s resolutions flood social media and many conversations as people […]

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A close-up of the Ferris Wheel with pink and purple lights against the night sky.

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The Sights & Sounds of Christmas

By Preethi Mangadu Web Content Contributor The holiday spirit has been brought to life in San Marcos with the annual Sights & Sounds of Christmas Festival. After a year of not being held due to the pandemic, Sights & Sounds took place on Dec. 2-4 and will again on Dec. 9-11 from 5:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m in the San Marcos City Park. The festival was founded in 1987 by […]

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A view from East Hopkins Street, San Marcos, Texas near Kissing Alley of the Square at nighttime facing the Hays County Historic Court House. The courthouse is decorated with white string Christmas lights around the perimeter of the roof with two green LED lights shining on two pillars on each side of the north entrance also decorated with Christmas lights and a holiday wreath. Trees around the courthouse are wrapped with white string lights and the fence surrounding the property is completely lit by string lights.


How Christmas Changes as You Grow Up

By Celeste Parler Web Content Contributor I knew Christmas was approaching when my church was covered in tinsel, wreaths and fancy tablecloths. With a display of the silver Christmas tree and poinsettias surrounding the stage where the worship team stood. The Christmas season is when my mom plays her CD of the Christmas album of her favorite Christian alternative band from the 1990s on the way home from Thanksgiving out […]

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An illustrated image of a small Thanksgiving dinner displayed on a beige tablecloth. On the table sits a turkey dressed with lemons, herbs and fruit, a basket of dinner rolls, and an apple pie. Surrounding the scene are illustrated red, orange and yellow falling leaves.


Mentally Preparing for Thanksgiving

By Celeste Parler Web Content Contributor If you are anything like me, the news that Thanksgiving is upon us is a shock. It only feels like a month ago was the start of the semester and that Halloween was only last week. Not to mention the homework, exams and projects that I have felt the need to push through to have a "break" each weekend. Needless to say, I was […]

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Image of picture taken of “A Man and A Woman” soundtrack album surrounded by heart stickers and textured shapes


Valentine’s Day and Every Other Day You’re in Love: A Playlist

By Diamond PedrozaMusic Journalist This Valentine’s Day might be different for some of us because of COVID-19. Whether you will be spending the holiday alone or with a special someone, you can listen to music anywhere. My playlist mixes some upbeat, mellow, and Spanish tunes that, in my opinion, are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Below I included my top five picks, which are followed by a link to my playlist. […]

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Distance Takes its Toll on Military Families

Texas State University students experienced their first school holiday of the spring semester, Martin Luther King Junior day, Monday resulting in a 3 day weekend. Texas State student, Katie Moxley, is the daughter of a military family who are currently stationed overseas; making it harder for her to go home for the holidays. For most students at Texas State, going home for these types of holidays and 3 day weekends […]

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Utopian evening


A Muddy Utopiafest Energizes With Music

Mud in the morning, mud at night, disconnected from the rest of the world, worries sliding off your shoulders, roaming open fields to the sounds of rock, bluegrass, and hip hop, eclectic: meeting kindred people with whom you howl at the moon. This is Utopia. Utopiafest was hosted by founder Travis Sutherland for its fifth year in its usual, nestling hill of a location – Utopia. As the name suggests, […]

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