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Other Side Drive

Spoiled Rotten: Never Too Young to Die

by Ace McIntyre KTSw Other Side Drive Never Too Young to Die is supposedly a spy film from 1986. It stars a pre-Full House john Stamos as college gymnaist Lance Stargrove, Vanity from the 80s pop Vanity 6 as Danja the Bond girl I guess and Gene Simons as Ragnar, the villainous leader of a gang of punkish goons. Lance Stargrove is dragged into spy life when Ragnar kills his […]

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Saftey not Guaranteed

Other Side Drive

In Reel Life: Safety Not Guaranteed

by Roslyn Barrutia KTSW Other Side Drive This week, I thought I would introduce “Safety Not Guaranteed.” This movie was screened back in 2012 at the Sundance Film Festival. It won the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award, which recognizes outstanding screenwriting. “Safety Not Guaranteed” stars Audrey Plaza, who you might recognize as April from the T-V series “Parks and Rec.” Other familiar faces include Jack Johnson, who plays Nick Miller in […]

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Munchies film

Other Side Drive

Spoiled Rotten: Munchies

by Ace McIntyre KTSW Other Side Drive Munchies is a 1987 flick directed by Tina Hirsch, the editor of a suspiciously similar movie 3 years before called Gremlims. While this movie seems to have all the things it needs to be a cult classic, it’s mostly forgettable and boring. The movie follows Paul, an aspiring comedian longing to move to LA . When he and his archeologist alien conspirator dad found […]

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