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: Jimi Hendrix is seen holding the tan neck of his Stratocaster guitar, he has two rings on his middle and pinky fingers. His eyes are closed and his mouth is open, completely focused on playing his guitar. He wears a flamboyant red shirt with a blue vest and a green and orange bandana. Around his head in psychedelic-inspired writing says “the jimi hendrix experience.” in the top left in a more traditional font it reads “American Dream.”


Jimi Hendrix’s Star-Spangled Banner

By Bandera Barter Music Journalist The American Dream, or rather the pursuit of the American dream, is a consistent theme in art and our lives since the creation of this country. Artist such as Jimi Hendrix have represented this in their work and embodied it in ways that have inspired millions over decades. Some strive for the traditional white picket fence, others opt for the Hendrix route, and a growing […]

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painting of post Malone in front of Dallas skyline, with “East Dallas” painted on each side of him.


5 Murals to Visit in Dallas’ Deep Ellum and Their History

Rachael GerronWeb Content Contributor Whether you’re looking for some cool Texas artwork or want to find the perfect background for an Instagram photo, the Deep Ellum neighborhood in Dallas is the place to go! To a visitor, Deep Ellum might just look like a gentrified Austin wannabe, but when you dive into the neighborhood’s rich history, you’ll see it clearly stands on its own. This neighborhood has cultivated creativity since […]

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Jimi Hendrix shown with Stratocaster guitar, shirtless


Why People Say Jimi Hendrix is the Greatest

Paris FosterMusic journalist  Jimi Hendrix is commonly cited as the greatest guitarist to walk the earth. While many musicians, critics, and magazines echo this claim, Hendrix’s greatness is also one of the most contested.  Prince himself said that “Santana played prettier” when asked who influenced him more between the two guitar heros. Additionally, Hendrix’s musical education is commonly seen as a weakness in which he learned to play a very […]

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Naked Giants: Easy Eating EP Review

By Denise Marrufo Music Journalist Artist: Naked Giants Album: Easy Eating EP Release Date: January 12,2016 Website: https://nakedgiants.bandcamp.com/ Naked Giants are a three­-piece garage rock band from Seattle, WA and all under 21. The band is composed of best friends Grant Mullen, Henry LaVallee and Gianni Aiello and influenced by the likes of Ty Segall and Jimi Hendrix. Their first EP, Easy Eating, comes with three songs. The opening track that shares the same […]

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SXSW and U.S. Postal Service Pay Tribute to Rock’n’Roll Legend Jimi Hendrix

By: Monica Solis This year's SXSW Film gave me the opportunity to check out some incredible films, but, I must confess, the must-see's on my list were music documentaries and biopics. I mean, c'mon, you don't get into college radio for nothing. One such film I anticipated was "JIMI: All Is by My Side," a biopic of guitar legend Jimi Hendrix, which was directed by John Ridley ("12 Years a Slave"). "JIMI" had its U.S. premiere […]

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