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Concert Review: Warpaint at Emo’s in Austin

By Jordan Cooper Music Journalist For my first writing assignment as a music journalist for KTSW, I was asked to write a simple review of a song I heard while listening to KTSW 89.9. I chose “Shadows” by Warpaint. Since first being introduced to the all-female group in 2010, I have been a huge fan of the mood they are seemingly always able to cultivate in their music and at […]

todayDecember 1, 2016 23


Set Times: Why You Should Always See Concert Openers

By Jordan Cooper Music Journalist In today’s social media driven age, finding out set times for shows you are planning to go see has become increasingly easier. Many venues, production companies, or even bands themselves will post times online for the upcoming concert that evening. This is a relatively new phenomenon, as it was only a few years ago when the best you could hope for was a time for […]

todayNovember 29, 2016 2531


Why I Love Going to Concerts Alone and You Will Too

By Jordan Cooper Music Journalist When I first moved to Austin at the beginning of 2010, the chance to see live music consistently played a big part in my decision to relocate there. Growing up in a conservative East Texas town, getting to see bands perform was rare. After attending SXSW in Austin in 2002 and visiting friends in the city often while I was in college, I saw that […]

todayNovember 26, 2016 381


Jordan Cooper: NYC Marathon Playlist

By Jordan Cooper Music Journalist On November 6, 2016 I was lucky enough to be one of 50,000 people who got to run the New York City Marathon. The race began in Staten Island, and made its way through all five boroughs including Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and ending in Central Park in Manhattan. Throughout almost the entire 26.2 mile course, there were crowds cheering us runners on, which is […]

todayNovember 18, 2016 38


Accepting the EDM Transition

By Jordan Cooper Music Journalist We all have that one friend. The one who never misses an electronic music festival. Who prefers furry boots to sneakers. Who only listens to music that sounds like an old computer trying to connect to the internet via dial-up. And if you haven't been to a show that didn't involve glow sticks in years, then you very well may be that friend. I am […]

todayNovember 13, 2016 36


Evolving with Radiohead

By Jordan Cooper Music Journalist There are some bands that you discover, and some bands that discover you. There are bands that you outgrow and ones that you grow with. There are bands that you hope to see, and bands you would never miss. The band that found me, that has helped me grow, that has continually shaped my music preferences and perceptions since high school has been Radiohead. As […]

todaySeptember 23, 2016 16

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