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"My Go-To Makeup Routine" typed over a tan background


My Go-To Makeup Routine!

By Rachael GerronWeb Content Contributor Over many years and with a lot of trial and error, I think I've finally perfected my makeup routine. I love wearing a natural dewy look, with most of the attention drawn to my eyes. A lot of the styles and techniques that I’ve implemented in my routine were suggested by model makeup artists, Tik-Tok and Pinterest. While I occasionally try new looks or products, […]

todayDecember 30, 2020 191

Pink cosmetic products with blue snowflakes as background.


5 Tips for Your Winter Makeup Routine

By Arlett Ramirez Assistant Web Content Manager  Your winter makeup routine might drastically change from your summer routine. You might have to switch foundation shades or even foundation types. Your skin will probably become dry and chapped lips might be a daily occurrence. That’s why I want to share my five makeup tips you should follow this winter! 1. Moisturize your skin daily.  During the winter, skin might become dry […]

todayJanuary 30, 2020 30

Black and white drawing of a man with a beard, with no eyes.


Male Cosmetics are Cosmetics!

By Timia Cobb Web Content Contributor  Men for years have been coerced to meet the societal pressures of being “manly.” Men felt as if  they had to meet the standards of being masculine and disregard anything that was perceived as feminine behavior. However, somewhere down the line having good hygiene, pampering yourself and simply being clean was deemed as feminine.  Having good hygiene and using various amounts of products or […]

todayNovember 19, 2019 69

Makeup products spread out on a comforter, including Becca, Tarte, Glossier, and Milk


Cruelty Free Makeup I’d Probably Die Without

By Paola BakkerWeb Content Contributor Over the past few years, I’ve really tried to make a conscious effort to stop using makeup brands that still test on animals. It’s 2019, gosh darn it. My pretty face isn’t more important than the animals. While my entire makeup collection isn’t completely cruelty-free, since I’m still trying to use up some products and find comparable replacements, it’s still something I’m committed to making […]

todayNovember 9, 2019 34

A closeup of three Glossier products held up in front of a door with the shadow from the blinds over it.


The Beauty of Less

By Paola BakkerWeb Content Contributor It took me a while to understand the “no-makeup makeup” trend. I asked myself, “Why would I spend 30 minutes applying makeup to look like I’m not wearing any? What is the point of that?” If I was spending that much time applying makeup in the morning, I wanted people to know I had it on. As a huge fan of full coverage foundations and […]

todaySeptember 14, 2019 261

Makeup brushes and two cosmetic products on top of white fur


5 Summer Tips For Long Lasting Makeup

By Arlett RamirezAssistant Web Content Manager If you’re going to be rocking a full face of makeup this summer, then you want a look that will last all day or night. No one wants to waste time doing their makeup only for it to last an hour or two before it’s gone. During summer, most of us might not want to wear a full face of makeup in fear of […]

todayJuly 20, 2019 130 1

Black and gold makeup brushes in a white container with black and silver makeup brushes to the left of those


5 Tips for Your Summer Makeup Routine

By Arlett RamirezAssistant Web Content Manager Since it’s summer, most of us aren’t trying to wear a full face of makeup when it feels like 100 degrees outside. Sweating off makeup isn’t a cute look and I can assure you it doesn’t feel nice either. That’s why I’m going to share five essential makeup tips that everyone should be doing this summer! Wear sunscreen. Texas heat is no joke. If […]

todayJuly 4, 2019 62

Fifty different shades of concealer in front of the white lettering and two pictures of Rihanna and Fenty Beauty


How Fenty Beauty Changed the Makeup Game

By Arlett RamirezWeb Content Contributor With 50 foundation shades anyone can find their perfect match with the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r foundation at Sephora. Photo by Arlett Ramirez. Everybody knows Rihanna whether it’s by her music, fashion moments or through social media. Rihanna is a true pop and fashion icon. In 2017, she launched her own cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty that completely changed the way the beauty industry operates. Let’s […]

todayApril 5, 2019 639

Black and white rabbit icon, recycling symbol, period after opening icon, and manual icon in a horizontal line


Why I Started Using Cruelty Free Cosmetics

By Arlett RamirezWeb Content Contributor I began wearing makeup when I entered middle school, and like every beginner I had no extensive knowledge on beauty. I learned beauty tips and routines from watching beauty tutorials on Youtube, and till this day I’m still watching them continuing to learn tips and tricks. It wasn’t until I was 17 that I began noticing that certain brands were cruelty-free and others weren’t. The […]

todayMarch 14, 2019 168

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