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An album cover with a pink backdrop and a fridge, lamp and vacuum


“Boys Don’t Cry”: A Challenging of Gender Norms

By Paola Bakker Web Content Contributor For International Men’s Day, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at a song that was ahead of its time in the breakdown of gender roles. “Boys Don’t Cry” by The Cure released in 1979 as their American debut. Although the song is not completely consistent with The Cure’s typical sound, it was an excellent song to act as their debut. […]

todayNovember 19, 2019 428

Makeup products spread out on a comforter, including Becca, Tarte, Glossier, and Milk


Cruelty Free Makeup I’d Probably Die Without

By Paola BakkerWeb Content Contributor Over the past few years, I’ve really tried to make a conscious effort to stop using makeup brands that still test on animals. It’s 2019, gosh darn it. My pretty face isn’t more important than the animals. While my entire makeup collection isn’t completely cruelty-free, since I’m still trying to use up some products and find comparable replacements, it’s still something I’m committed to making […]

todayNovember 9, 2019 37

An image of a bag of Pirate’s Booty and Goldfish on a couch


5 Superior Snack Foods to Stress Eat

By Paola BakkerWeb Content Contributor Alright guys, I’ll admit it, yes, this is me running out of ideas. It’s midterm season and my brain has turned into jello – but not the good cherry jello, like the gross grape jello. I was staring at this blank Google Doc as my brain played static for 10 minutes, but the only thing keeping me going is this bag of Goldfish I’m snacking […]

todayOctober 25, 2019 158

A couple standing next to each other in a dark room with grainy and scratched filter over it, with the words “Sufjan Stevens” and “Carrie & Lowell” on it.


5 Albums to Get You Ready for Fall

By Paola BakkerWeb Content Contributor It’s finally that time of year most of us have been eagerly waiting for – fall. A cold front hit the Hill Country this week (and by that I mean the high went from 95 to 85 degrees), and now Central Texas doesn’t know how to act. Even if it only lasts for a week, it’s finally starting to feel like fall, and I don’t […]

todayOctober 18, 2019 13

An edit of the TikTok logo with the words “Cringey content? Or the new Vine?”


Let’s Talk About TikTok

By Paola BakkerWeb Content Contributor If you’re on Twitter or Instagram, there’s a high chance you’ve watched at least one TikTok, or at least have heard of the app. If you’re not a regular user of TikTok, there is also a high chance that you associate the app with cringey (Warning: I will use this word a lot in this article) content of teen boys lip syncing vulgar songs or […]

todayOctober 7, 2019 125

A screenshot of an extreme closeup of Effy Stonem from the show “Skins”


Teen TV That Shaped My Adolescence

By Paola BakkerWeb Content Contributor I suppose I was one of the lucky (depending on how you want to look at it) ones whose parents never really supervised their television or internet habits. I was privileged enough to have a television in my room and there weren’t any kind of locks on our family computer that prohibited me from going onto certain websites. Neither of my parents really believed in […]

todayOctober 6, 2019 81

An edit of my face in a graduation cap with small captions and squiggles surrounding them.


Senior Year & the Fear of Figuring It Out

By Paola BakkerWeb Content Contributor Senior year, baby! The time to blow off your work and live it up, right? More like shoving resume-builders, classes and a social life all into one mess of a year. Senior year is a stressful time, with thoughts of entering the real world looming over our heads. Whether you’re looking forward to being done or dreading college coming to an end, post-grad life is […]

todaySeptember 27, 2019 220


Top 5 Streamable True Crime Documentaries

By Paola BakkerWeb Content Contributor There’s nothing quite like dimming the lights, cuddling up in bed and turning on a true crime documentary when you’re ignoring your many academic and professional responsibilities. No one wants to spend 30 plus minutes browsing the various streaming services you’re subscribed to to find a high-quality and thrilling documentary, so I thought I would compile a small list of some of my favorites. Some […]

todaySeptember 16, 2019 39

A closeup of three Glossier products held up in front of a door with the shadow from the blinds over it.


The Beauty of Less

By Paola BakkerWeb Content Contributor It took me a while to understand the “no-makeup makeup” trend. I asked myself, “Why would I spend 30 minutes applying makeup to look like I’m not wearing any? What is the point of that?” If I was spending that much time applying makeup in the morning, I wanted people to know I had it on. As a huge fan of full coverage foundations and […]

todaySeptember 14, 2019 421

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