An image of a bag of Pirate’s Booty and Goldfish on a couch

5 Superior Snack Foods to Stress Eat

By Paola Bakker
Web Content Contributor

Alright guys, I’ll admit it, yes, this is me running out of ideas. It’s midterm season and my brain has turned into jello – but not the good cherry jello, like the gross grape jello. I was staring at this blank Google Doc as my brain played static for 10 minutes, but the only thing keeping me going is this bag of Goldfish I’m snacking on that I overpaid for at Paws ‘N Go. I thought, hey, it’s stress eating season, so let’s get into the superior snack foods you should munch on while cramming for your three exams and two papers.

Flavor Blasted Cheddar Goldfish

All I can think of as I eat these Goldfish are, “Man I wish these were flavor blasted.” Those just hit differently. When that cheddar powder gathers on your fingers, oof, chef’s kiss. They give me vivid memories of childhood summers and eating them after swimming, paired with a delectable bologna sandwich my friend’s mom made. Wow, the height of cuisine. Is it me or do those just taste better after swimming?

Chester’s Hot Fries

Now you might be thinking, “no Hot Cheetos?” but as an intellectual, I must recommend the Hot Fry alternative. They’re like your high school crush – they’re hot, they’re daring, they give you indigestion. It’s a match made in heaven. Obviously don’t approach if you’re not a spicy food person, but I think my taste buds have been destroyed from eating spicy foods since birth, so I really don’t think they’re that bad. 

Pirate’s Booty

A gluten free option! Now what’s not to love? Whether it’s the funny sounding name or the oddly satisfying sensation of munching on what are essentially packing peanuts, they’re a thoroughly enjoyable snack food. They also feel healthy for some reason, and no, I won’t read the nutrition facts to confirm or deny that. Don’t shatter the illusion.

Fritos Honey BBQ Flavor Twists

Can we talk about what a vastly underrated chip this is? They’ve got it all – the fun shape, the satisfying crunch factor, the explosive tangy flavor, so why don’t people give them the credit they deserve? They also kind of look like pasta, so that’s fun. This is me formally launching my campaign, “Stop Sleeping On Frito Twists 2019.”


Okay, I figured I should throw in a fruit or something remotely healthy into this list. I don’t want you guys thinking that I solely shovel garbage into my body (I do, but y’all don’t need to think that). Plus flu season is rapidly approaching, so it’s important to take care of yourselves, or at least pretend you are so you can tell your mom that. Clementines are a great option for on the go, and they’re like the prettier, easier to eat version of an orange.

Of course I am not trying to promote stress eating, but sometimes you’ve got to deal with your stress somehow. So take a short study break, grab a treat you love and snack on.

Featured image by Paola Bakker.

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