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You Need to be an Ally

By Brittany AndersonAssistant Web Content Manager I know you watch the news. I know you’ve been scrolling on Twitter. So, it feels counterintuitive and a bit gross to write about anything else but what is going on. Police brutality has existed for years. It’s well documented. It’s 2020; it’s time to accept that this is an undeniable reality for black Americans. Recognizing your position of privilege comes with navigating ways […]

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Should Law Enforcement Be Required to Obtain a Degree?

Allison Johnson Blog Content Contributor Families are hurting from the result of unethical deadly force by police officers. Some police officers turn to this way of handling a situation due to their ignorance. Wives are left without their husbands, and children are left fatherless at an extremely young age. In college, people can escape their small towns and the opinions of social demographics their parents or peers may have embedded […]

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Anti-Flag concert


Anti-Flag Fights for Punk Rock; Speaks Out Against Police Brutality

Interview by Mathew Zuniga As one of the original founding members of the punk band Anti-flag, drummer Pat Thetic remains in still today. Anti-flag was formed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1988 and has since been known for their politically fueled songs as well as strong views on war and those in power. The band kicked off 2015 with a tour supporting the punk band Pennywise. The tour brought Anti-flag through […]

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