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Why It’s Cool to Be Kind

By Anna Valdez Blog Content Contributor Consider a time when someone was kind to you. Maybe you were having a lousy day and a friend (or even a stranger) went out of their way to be a friend to you when you needed it most. It must have been heartwarming to know a person could be so friendly and considerate without asking for anything in return. Kindness is a gift […]

todaySeptember 25, 2018

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A Think Piece on Thought

By Conner Yarbrough Blog Content Contributor It’s not uncommon to hear people say that we are “our own worst enemy.” And, though (abstractly) applicable to our conscious destruction of the natural environment that will ultimately lead to our demise, I want to use this time we have together to really dive into the power of our thoughts and how they relate to our personal lives. Often, most of my best […]

todayJanuary 25, 2018


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So We Need to Talk: 7 Tips to Make a Bad Day Better

by Julianna Reel Other Side Drive It’s one thing to feel under pressure, unhappy, stressed, sad, or angry, but it’s another to listen to someone complain all of the time about it. Nothing is worse than a Negative Nancy, folks. This is a list of ways to stay positive about life. You have my full permission to pull these out of your pocket the next time a friend comes to […]

todayJuly 13, 2015

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