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The album art displays the Grinch wearing a Doom mask as he decorates a Christmas tree with bottles of alcohol and solid red ball ornaments, all in the foreground of a city at night.


DOOM XMAS: The Most Villainest Time of the Year

By Saidif MejiaMusic Journalist With the holiday season right around the corner, now seems like an appropriate time as any to throw on an ugly sweater, fix a cup of hot chocolate and crank out the classic Christmas tunes. For many, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” remains an obvious go-to track for the upcoming eventful month. Others prefer to play the classic Bing Crosby song “White […]

todayDecember 23, 2019 5

There is no specific album for this article, only elaboration on the significance of synthwave in the 2010s.


Synthwave: An Underground 2010s Musical Movement

By Saidif MejiaMusic Journalist As the end of the decade approaches, people from all over the country wonder what musical styles will define these eventful past 10 years. Some may argue that the rise of trap hip-hop dominates everything beside it, while others believe that electronic dance music, or EDM, remains a notable example of a popular genre that does not require rapping.  While trap, EDM, alternative rock and plenty […]

todayDecember 5, 2019 4

There is no specific album for this article, only an overview of the origins of Oneohtrix Point Never as well as what he has achieved and what his future endeavors consist of.


Oneohtrix Point Never: The Composer Nobody’s Talking About

By Saidif MejiaMusic Journalist What usually comes into mind when thinking about the musical score for famous movies? Some might think of critically-acclaimed figures like John Williams of the “Star Wars” saga background music. Others picture Hans Zimmer, the creator of the entire soundtrack for “The Dark Knight” trilogy or “Blade Runner 2049.”  One composer that remains heavily underrecognized, however, especially for hardcore cinephiles and appreciators of cinematic scores, is […]

todayOctober 30, 2019 5

The album features African-inspired patterns that circle around a group of people holding hands with a red, green, and yellow background, representing the colors of Jamaica. In the center stands a three-member family, also holding hands.


Junior Toots: A Little Bit Of Love Album Review

By Saidif MejiaMusic Journalist Right now, the underground music scene has a heavy saturation of bedroom pop, old school-inspired and sometimes experimental hip hop, as well as indie and alternative rock. As a result, other genres like electronic, folk-rock, and in this case, reggae, have somewhat settled in the dust left behind by more popular types of music among independent listeners. Clayton Hibbert, more famously known by his musician name […]

todayOctober 24, 2019 1

The album depicts two hands holding a star with the name of the band in front of what appears to be an abandoned building.


Charlie Doesn’t Surf: Charlie Doesn’t Surf Album Review

By Saidif MejiaMusic Journalist Artist: Charlie Doesn't Surf Album: Charlie Doesn't Surf Release date: May 9, 2019 Though not nearly as recognized as places like New York City, Los Angeles or any other large independent musical hub, plenty of smaller cities throughout the Midwest have always had a niche for coming out with phenomenal bands. Charlie Doesn’t Surf is one such band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their first album, Riviera Days, debuted in 2015 and […]

todayOctober 5, 2019 2

The album art features a simple, minimalist style depiction of a corridor leading to a door to what looks like a unique world in space, hence the name of the album.


Ceremony: In The Spirit World Now Album Review

By Saidif MejiaMusic Journalist Ceremony wasn’t always a band known for their promising use of synthesizers and drum-machines, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that their past is something to look down upon. Honestly, their evolution from their early starts as a fairly underground hardcore band from Rohnert Park, California, to an up and coming post-punk revival group whose sound evokes connections to older bands like Devo and The Killing Joke […]

todaySeptember 25, 2019 6

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