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A screenshot of for the definition of the word “Butterball.” It reads: “Noun, Informal: a chubby person”


Did You Know That When You Look Up ”Fat” on, ”Butterball” Is a Result?

By Sam Burzinski Blog Content Contributor  "Hey Fred, saw your fat *ss on the six o' clock news last night." -Jim Gaffigan “Remember: if you're not sure about eating something, rub it against a piece of paper. If the paper turns clear, it's your window to weight gain!" -Dr. Nick Riviera I make no avoidances when it comes to discussing the fact that I am a bigger guy than most. […]

todayApril 26, 2023 44 1

On top of a wood cutting board is a block of nondescript white cheese. It is sliced up. In the foreground is a cheese slicer. In the background are two blocks of whole cheese and several leafed plants.


Regarding Lactose Intolerance

By Sam Burzinski Blog Content Contributor I have a few bones in my body. Roughly 206 of them, if we want to be precise. Unlike many of my past elementary school peers, never in my life have I broken a single one of them, a fact that I chalk up to my deep affinity for milk. I drank milk day in and day out throughout my formative years with the […]

todayApril 11, 2023 54 2

In the right foreground, a woman with brown hair wearing a green dress is standing ¾ to the camera and holding a microphone. In the background, there is a crowd of out of focus parade goers wearing Disney memorabilia.


Noovie or (The Unexpected Virtue of Finding a Weird Hobby)

By Sam Burzinski Blog Content Contributor If you’ve ever been to a movie a little bit on the earlier side, you may have caught the last few minutes of whatever pre-show sequence the movie theater is contractually obligated to display before each picture. Usually it’s some assortment of trivia, pleas to join newsletters for things you don’t care about, or the same M&M's commercial that’ll be there until the end […]

todayMarch 29, 2023 52 1

International Women's Day

IWD: Hey, What’s up With Women?

By: Sam Burzinski Blog Content Contributor Well, here we are, folks. Yet another International Women’s Day, the day in which we celebrate roughly 50.5% of the world’s population, at least according to the US Census Bureau. Aren’t women cool? I say this without a single lick of irony in my tone here: women are cool, awesome and generally necessary to the functioning of modern society! Girlboss! I think if we […]

todayMarch 8, 2023 139 3


“Do the Right Thing” is a Perfect Film

A Sam Burzinski Joint Blog Content Contributor “Motherf**k a window. Radio Raheem is dead.” I think people tend to overlook just how much of a wild landscape New York was for a great deal of America’s history. It wasn’t until Rudy Giuliani (ew.) came into mayorhood in the ‘90s that Times Square went from a porn-theater-crime-ridden place to avoid in the city to the modern city center that it’s become […]

todayFebruary 28, 2023 43 2

Cover to a copy of “Romeo and Juliet”. It is the top half of a white book with a dark red spine with the title running down it. The cover has a white edge and a dark red piece in the middle. On the left side of the red in the center is the title. To the right is an illustration of a young man and woman embracing. He is dressed in medieval garb and her in a flower crown and flowy white dress.


A Movie by Any Other Name Would Be Just as Sweet: A ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Cinematic Retrospective

By Sam Burzinski Web Content Contributor I’m a normal guy; I’m just like you! I pay my taxes, put my pants on one leg at a time and I had a massive crush on the girl who played Iago in my sophomore year English class reading of “Othello!” Shakespeare is probably England’s best export, barring those Heinz beans, and the people love the Bard like nobody’s business. In particular, everybody […]

todayFebruary 14, 2023 114 5 4

Puss in Boots mascot character posing with his arms up in a meowing pose. He is wearing a black hat with a red rim and a yellow feather in it. Park-goers in summer-type attire mill about behind the character.


I’m Going Crazy and It’s All Puss in Boots’s Fault

By Sam Burzinski Blog Content Contributor What kind of attachment do I have to Shrek? Sure, it seems every kid born from 1995 through 2013 knows Shrek like a close friend, and he was unanimous Meme MVP of 2017, but me? I didn’t see the first one until I was 13, “Shrek 2” is a film I enjoy well enough and I saw the final two sequels when they came […]

todayJanuary 31, 2023 96 7

Pictured are artistic renditions of co-hosts Griffin Newman, left, and David Sims, right, sitting at a table with a condenser microphone in between them. Newman is wearing glasses, a white t-shirt and a blue hat and eating a bagel in the shape of the letter “C.” Sims is seated to the right with a green button-down shirt with the sleeves partially rolled up.


Podcast Review: “Blank Check”

By Sam Burzinski Blog Content Contributor A short drum intro, and then: “Blank Check with Griffin and David. Blank Check with Griffin and David. Don’t know what to say or to expect, all you need to know is that the name of the show is Blank Check!” Thus, is the intro song for the podcast “Blank Check with Griffin and David.” The hosts of nearly every single episode are actor […]

todayJanuary 22, 2023 84 5

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