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Rise in San Marcos Sexual Assault Reports May Be Linked to Greater Awareness

By Andrea MauWeb Content Assistant Manager According to the San Marcos Police Department (SMPD), the number of sexual assault reports is on track (and is only expected) to rise in the San Marcos area.  Chart provided by the SMPD regarding the number of sexual assault reports from 2019-2021.  While the need for these reports is always unfortunate, the rising numbers may be due to a positive change in our culture […]

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You Are Not Tainted

By Alexandria Erwin Blog Content Contributor “I am tainted, I am impure, I am devalued.” Although many victims of sexual assault who come forward are congratulated for their bravery for sharing, many of these victims experience almost a sort of exile by the rest of society because of their traumatic experience. Believe it or not, many of those who suffer from this kind of trauma are discredited, and when they come […]

todayFebruary 11, 2018 322

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The Epidemic of Sexual Assault

By Hannah Holder Blog Content Contributor New year, same phenomenon. In 2017 we saw sexual assault cases against several celebrities and successful people like Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Matt Lauer, Roy Moore. The list goes on. Why does sexual assault seem like it is becoming a trend? To be put simply-- because it is. According to the Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Assault, national statistics on sexual violence […]

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Hays Caldwell Women’s Center Hopes to Raise Awareness of Sexual Assault

By Carlos Marquez III Senior News Reporter   The Hays Caldwell Women’s Center is raising Sexual Assault awareness on the Texas State campus Each year, there are about 293,000 victims of sexual assault in the U.S. The Rape Abuse and Incest National Network reported that 44 percent of sexual assault victims are under 18 and 47 percent of rapists are a friend or acquaintance to the victim. Every 107 seconds, another […]

todayApril 18, 2016 95

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The Demonization of Female Rape Victims

By Chelsea Moran Blog Content Contributor As many may know, there have been recent reports of sexual assault on the Texas State campus. Unfortunately, there’s also an added consequence that many may not know that tends to follow the victim, the demonization of the victim. A female student reported that she was sexually assaulted on two separate occasions by two different males inside the dorms of College Inn and Arnold […]

todayFebruary 12, 2016 1931

In the Public Interest

In the Public Interest: Sexual Assault

Originally aired November 17, 2015 Hosts Jacquelyn Carter and DaLyah Jones tackle the tough subject of sexual assault this week. Hear them discuss the true definition of sexual assault and some shocking statistics for college students. Laura Aebi covers resources offered for students at Texas State University. She spoke with Men Against Violence president, Sean Quinones on how the university caters to Title XI requirements. Marques Mingo follows by discussing […]

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Texas State University Art Student Strips Down to Raise Awareness About Sexual Assault

By Reynaldo Leanos Jr. News Director Texas State University student Monika Rostvold sat semi-naked and blindfolded in front of Alkek Library earlier today for 45 minutes.  Rostvold says she wanted to create a piece about standards in our society and being a survivor of sexual assault wanted to take control of her body and eliminate her presence and expose herself. Rostvold also wanted people to view her body as beauty […]

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Flowers by Texas State University wall. Photo by Dylan Lochridge-Fletcher


Daily News Recap (4-9-15)

Compiled by Holly Henrichsen Assistant Web Content Manager The individual that was hit by the train yesterday in San Marcos was a 16 year old male. Union Pacific Media Director for Texas Jeff DeGraff says that the individual had headphones in at the time of the accident and could have potentially been the reason why he did not hear the warning signs from the train. The Individual crossed at an […]

todayApril 9, 2015 11

Valentine Bobcat

In the Public Interest

Romancing in a Millennial Generation

In this episode of ‘In the Public Interest,’ your hosts Carmen De La Garza and Mark Alvarez bring you a Valentine’s Day themed show. You will be able to hear stories about how dating apps can lead to sexual assaults, the Millennial generation is waiting longer to get married and a true Texas State University love story.

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