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Acclaimed Photographer Gives Book-Signing at Wittliff Collections

Kasandra Garza News reporter The Wittliff Collections hosted a book-signing event of an acclaimed photographer’s work where he discussed how he found photojournalism, started his own publishing company, and diving into volcanoes. Rodrigo Moya’s book is the first bilingual retrospective exhibition in the United States about his career and the first English/Spanish book to be published in the world about him and his work. “We want to share what’s been done, […]

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Alkek Library. Photo by Daryan Jones

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The Many Layers of Alkek Library

by Daniela Garcia Web Content Contributor Floor One. No, not the one you came in through. It’s the basement that rests below the buzzing activity of the main floor, Here you’ll find several rooms and sections you may never need to visit. However, there’s one in particular that holds a lounge with two food vending machines and three or four soda machines. There's a microwave that sits in a quiet […]

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Wittliff Man and Beast


Man and Beast Exhibition

The Wittliff Collections presents a brand-new exhibit featuring more than 90 photographs captured in Mexico and India. Texas State’s Wittliff Collections opened the door Janurary 21st to a unique collection of photographs titled “Man And Beast” by the award-winning artist, Mary Ellen Mark. Mark took her photographs while traveling to various circuses through Mexico and India. The Wittcliff Collections Media Relations representative Michele Miller said the images show artist’s fascination […]

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