Womens History Month

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Artist Victoria Monet’s right-side profile in the desert at night with a full moon, palms, and a small body of water.


Women to Watch For

By Aaliyah Hamilton Music Journalist Behind some of the biggest songs of recent years is the genius of a woman. Some women in particular have taken their talent from behind the scenes and established themselves as artists in the spotlight,  so in honor of International Women’s Month, here is a list of women who deserve recognition for their artistry. Victoria Monet Starting this list off strong is Victoria Monet, who […]

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The image was created by Eric Hernandez through photoshop


Women in Hip Hop Playlist

By Christopher BrockerMusic Journalist In recent years a wide range of women rappers have established themselves in the mainstream and demanded the attention of the hip hop community. Women rappers have taken over the radio, house parties, and the club scene. In honor of  Women’s history Month, this playlist is dedicated to women in contemporary hip hop.This playlist consists of trending artists such as Rico Nasty and lesser known artists […]

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Letters to the women in my life


A Letter to the Women in my Life

By Ally Bolender Assistant Web Content Manager For Women's History Month, I wanted to thank the women in my life for all that they taught me. I have had the pleasure of having positive women influences who have shown me what it means to be a woman and how powerful it is to pursue your ambitions-- despite the societal limits placed upon us. Being a woman is much more than […]

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