A Perfect Weekend for Texas State Volleyball

By Aren Wolf
KTSW Sports

Well, today is the day to be thankful you are a Texas State Bobcat fan and did not have to travel with the women’s volleyball team to Beaumont, Texas. And it’s not because of the team’s performance. If you did travel or meet us in Beaumont, then you probably have some idea to what I’m talking about. KTSW made it possible to enjoy the game without stepping foot in Beaumont.

The Texas State Women’s Volleyball team crunched their competitors in the Lamar Invitational at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. The team arrived Thursday night, checked-in, and hit a quick practice before the tournament jumped off Friday.

The Bobcats accepted their first challenge against South Carolina State. Going three sets straight, the Bobcats gained some momentum for the rest of the tournament.

After a quick lunch and a schedule change, which moved the seven o’clock game up to five, the Bobcats had a tough opponent ahead in Lamar. As Coach Chisum said in the pre-game show, Texas State and Lamar have a long history with some bad blood. Needless to say, it’s a bitter rivalry between the two teams. But the Bobcats came to win. The team gave Lamar the same treatment they gave South Carolina State, three sets to none. After KTSW got a post-game interview with Coach Chisum, the fans learned that Texas State played its best match all season.

The girls filled their bellies and retired to their quarters to rest and battle another day. And battle they would. The Bobcats showed up early for a ten o’clock game against Tulane. Texas State showed up fresh and ready to play. The Bobcats swept the floor with Tulane beating them three sets to none.

It was all huges and kiss between the Bobcats and their fans after winning nine straight sets to take the tournament. The nasty, sticky weather could not keep the Texas State Bobcats from sweeping the tournament.

Coach Chisum, the assistant coaches, and players jumped on the winning bus hootin’ and hollerin’ all the way back to campus. To put things in prospective, the team entered the tournament 1-3 but left the tournament 4-3.

And as for Beaumont, they can keep the hot & sticky weather we live San Marcos; home of the best university in the country, Texas State University.

Eat Em Up Eat Em Up Cats!

For more details and stats on this tournament and the team visits txstatebobcats.com

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