Led Zeppelin’s Celebration Day

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Led Zeppelin Promo

Thirty-five years after Whit Martin-Whitaker’s dad forbade him from attending the doped-up hooligan fest that was Led Zeppelin’s final North American tour, he was able to make up for the missed experience with the band’s recent cinematographic endeavor, their movie Celebration Day.

The 2007 O2 concert was a triumph for Led Zeppelin.  The Celebration Day movie, presenting Led Zeppelin’s landmark performance with artistically perfect art direction, was perhaps an even greater triumph.  Even better than Peter Gabriel‘s Secret World, now there is a new “gold standard” for concert movies:  It’s Celebration Day.

Don’t hesitate, go read his in-depth review of the movie and his experience over on his blog.

Whit is a former DJ and host of The Supper Club on KTSW and can now be heard on KMFA 89.5 FM. He’ll be on the air from 3-7PM on Christmas eve, and then every evening from 3p-8p from December 26th through January 2nd.

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