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Pop Rocks
by: Kelsey Nichols
Episode 4A few weeks ago, Kelsey Nichols recapped The Grammy Awards. Hear about how many bands were affected by Hurricane Nemo.

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    Other Side Drive: Thursday ktsw899

Pop Rocks-EP 4
The 55th Annual Grammy Awards aired Feb. 10. The show was hosted by rapper LL Cool J. Mumford and Sons, Goyte, Fun, Frank Ocean and The Blacks Keys include a few of the Grammy winners Sunday night. This year’s Grammys had 28 million viewers, making it one of the most watched Grammy Awards in 20 years. It did not top the 2012 Grammy Awards though, which had a tribute to Whitey Houston, having almost 40 million viewers.

According to Billboard, Eminem’s next album titled “Hell: the Sequel” is said to release sometime after Memorial weekend. This will be the rapper’s eighth studio album.

Linkoln Park member Mike Shinoda teamed up with the Grammys to be a mentor for up-and-coming artists. Shinoda will curate for the Centerstage Powered by Grammy Amplifier program. Here he will select three winning artists to receive a recording session with a Grammy-winning producer. The up-and-coming artists can submit their sounds tracks through SoundCloud to have them heard by the panel members, which includes Shinoda.

Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Coldplay and Daft Punk’s record label, Parlophone, has been bought by Warner Music. Warner Music purchased the label for $765 million. This will likely help the record label out as it is ranked number three in the “Big Three” record labels, along with Universal and Sony.

Fall Out Boy has ended their three-year long break. The punk band is set to release a new album titled “save Rock and Roll” May 6 and 7. The group will have a world tour. Texas shows include Austin, Houston and Dallas in early May.

A blizzard in the northeast, named Nemo, has caused several shows to be canceled. Bands affected due to the blizzard include Passion Pit, Jeff Mangum and The Heliotropes.

Episode 5
Find out about upcoming concerts in Austin. Also, several bands announce new albums.

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    Other Side Drive: Thursday ktsw899

Pop Rocks-EP 5
In concert news, Elephant Stone will be touring with The Zombies in March. Shows will be in Austin, Dallas and Houston.

Morrissey has cancelled three more concerts due to health problems. The singer had also cancelled six shows in January after he was diagnosed with a bleeding ulcer.

The Staples Center in Los Angeles will be going vegetarian for one of Morrissey’s first concerts back on March 1. The Staples Center agreed to make all of the vendors in and near the venue 100% vegetarian. The center will be donating a portion of the ticket proceeds to PETA.

In album news, Frank Turner is set to release his album titled “Tape Deck Heart” April 23. One of the album’s song, “Recovery,” will be released March 5. Turner’s tour will kick off in March in Massachusetts. There are several Austin show dates during SXSW in the tour.

Single Mothers have announced a tour. The group’s tour will has several Austin shows for SXSW.

August Burns Red are recording their fifth full-length album. The upcoming album that has not yet been titled is expected to release later this year.

Band of Horses have announced their upcoming tour dates. The group has planned the tour around the Coachella music and arts festival. The tour will be international, including concerts in Iceland, Sweden, Spain and several other countries. Band of Horses will play at show at Stubbs in Austin, April 24.

Country singer Mindy McCready died Sunday night of an apparent suicide at age 37. The singer was found on the same porch where her boyfriend was found dead in January. McCready had two children.

Beatles’ collaborator Tony Sheridan died at age 72. Sheridan was a guitarist and singer that met the Beatles in the early 1960s. The Beatles were Sheridan’s backing band for a short time period.

Episode 6
Last week, Kelsey brought you out the latest news about upcoming tours. Also, hear details about the Academy Awards that aired February 24.

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    Other Side Drive: Thursday ktsw899

Pop Rocks-EP 6

Sunday night’s Academy Awards had its best ratings since 2007. The award show was hosted by Seth MacFarlene, who is known for creating comedies such as Family Guy and Ted. Adele performed at the award show. The British singer also won best original song for the title track in Skyfall. Other performers at the Academy Awards included Jennifer Hudson and Barbara Streisand.

Green Day is locked in to perform at SXSW March 15 at the Moody Theatre. The punk bad will also be premiering their new documentaries “!Cuatro!” and “Broadway Idiot” earlier in the day as part of the music, film and interactive festival.

Several artists have recently announced new tours. Nine Inch Nails announced that they will be performing for the first time in four years. The group will have a spring tour. They will be performing in Austin at the Mohawk May 24.

The National announced that they will be releasing their new album in May. The National will also be touring in the spring throughout the U.S., as well as other countries such as Italy and Germany.

Metal-rock band Slayer will not have their drummer Dave Lombardo playing in the group’s upcoming Australian tour. The drummer said that last year 90% of the group’s tour income went to expenses. After a disagreement about finances with his fellow band members, Lombardo will not be on the tour.

Iggy Pop and the Stooges will be releasing their album titled “Ready to Die” in April.

Orion Music + More Festival will be in Detroit this year. Metallica has recruited Red Hot Chili Peppers, Deftones and Rise Against to co-headline at the festival. This is the second year that the festival will be happening, moving from Atlantic City to Detroit. The festival will take place June 8 and 9.

Stuck on a Bus
by: KTSW’s Production Department
Episode 1
A few weeks ago, the official season of KTSW’s radio drama, “Stuck on a Bus,” premiered. This comedic radio drama will be airing every other week until April 25th, right before MR Fest. It’s an interesting adventure of a group of contest winners who won a tour bus to MR Fest.

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    Other Side Drive: Thursday ktsw899

StuckonaBus-EP 1
Fade in: Stuck on a bus is brought to you by Jack Hammer Body Spray. enriched with aloe, honey extract, all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay healthy. Jack Hammer Body Spray, it’s body lotion for MEN!

DJ El Santiago: Thanks for joining us here in de Oder Side Drive, I’m El Santiagooooo! Here on KTSW.

Guitar starts playing. DJ talks over him.

DJ El Santiago: As you may of known, KTSW Mister Fest was this past weekend. Here in the studio…(pause) Shredder keep it down, mang.

Shredder: Boy, I thought this was ‘merica. I was just trying to play you some tunes.

DJ: Anyways, Shredder was our volunteer bus driver for our contest winners who won tickets to Mister Fest.

Shredder: Thanks for having me. (Laughs)

DJ: So, tell us about the trip on da bus?

Shredder: Well man, there was this killer Motley Group concert and then I found myself hangin’ out with the band afterwards. It was crazy, boys looked like girls. Girls looked like girls. We were coming in and out of the bus all hours of the night. You know because sometimes because you have to escape the fire of passion.

DJ: Aye senor! Not on air, but we’ll talk in a commercial. For now, tell me about Mister Fest. Please?

Shredder: Oh. Right on. Well, there I was in the middle of the desert Southwest, El Paso, Texas. Come to think of it, I had no idea why we had to meet there.

DJ: Tell us about de contest winners.

Shredder: Well the first guy came up was a real (bleep). Oh sorry.

DJ: It’s fine. Please go on.

Shredder: So anyway, the guy’s name was chad. He was a real athletic type. shredded tank top and backwards cap, by the way, I don’t trust anyone without sleeves! He was a real know it all. Man, this guy acted like he knew everything.

Chad: So what’s under the hood. I heard this engine purr, what was it, a 440? Those 22’s?

Shredder: Yeah something like that. Yeah I think he was trying to talk car to me, but he didn’t know anything. Anyway, then came Michelle.

Michelle: Hi, I’m Michelle.

Shredder: Hello, Miss Michelle! I’m your transportation extraordinaire!

Shredder: I like Michelle, (said creepy) but she had this hufflepuff boyfriend, Michael. He didn’t say much.

Michael: Hi, my name’s… (cut off)

Michelle: His name is Michael!

Shredder: There was this annoying chick, Sunny. She was different, I’ll give you that and not in a good way. You could see she was going to be trouble when stepped in with scarf wrapped around her neck, oversized glasses and a tee shirt that said McTorture. The worst part was had to of been the B-O. and that’s probably because she didn’t shave….her pits. Gross Right?

Sunny: We’re not stopping at any slaughterhouses, right?

Shredder: What?

Sunny: You know like dairy killer, burger flesh, whatamassacre!

DJ: aye, vegans!

Shredder: yeah, This next kid came in with a calculator in his shirt pocket, glasses as thick as a magnifying glass, and suspenders so tight I thought I was going to see something I didn’t need to. Basically he’s the secret weapon of the tech world when he isn’t playing digi-dragons.

Calvin: (in a super nerdy voice) Hi, I’m Calvin! Are you the transportation attendant? It great to meet you! do you have a rescue inhaler, are first aid kits readily available? Is there a seat belt option? what are the intervals for our trip breaks? are we going to hav….

Shredder: Woah, man, slow your roll! I’ll tell you everything you need to know right now. get on the bus and sit down.

DJ: What a nerd!

Shredder: yeah no kidding, that kid was more nervous than a ceiling fan store owner with a comb-over! Anyway, this next dude was into music, sorta.

SupaSoka: Yo, Yo, My name is SupaSoka, don’t tread on me, cuz we all part of..uh… da family! Yo bro, dis my twin frobro, YO,…FROBRO! Where ya at homie? its aight, its aight, he comin!

Shredder: I don’t think so….take a seat, 50 cent!

DJ: 50 cent, that guy is more like 35 cents! HAHA!

Shredder: I don’t get it.

DJ: Well, you did some good impersonations. But please, can you tell me how de trip starts.

Shredder: Okay boy, there I was parked in front of the Deserts Sands Motel. It was pouring rain; and might I add, those girls really know how to pull off a white shirt. Everyone got on the bus and I said… (Sound effect dream sequence)

“Alright, muchacos time to get going. Y’all might want to put on your safety belts because the desert is weeping tonight! (Thunder, horn and bus drives off)

SupaSoka: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. The Desert’s weeping, no one’s sweeping. C’mon FroBro, man lay me down a beat.

Chad: Who’s FroBro?

Sunny: Is he going to do this the entire trip?

Michael: I think Fro….

Michelle: Oh what do you know Michael!

SupaSoka: FroBro’s my twin brother, dawg!

Chad: Well he’s not here. So, sit down!

Calvin: Other than his terrible use grammar and no understanding of subject verb agreements in his sentences I don’t think he should be standing in the bus.

Chad: The nerd is right, you suck!

Everyone: Boooo!

Sunny: No, wait I think he should really stop moving around! Shredder, help!

Shredder: No one stands up while the bus is moving! Oh no! Holy…. (slams on brakes, honking, end with thunder)

Michelle: Did we just hit someone?!

Shredder: Everyone just stay put! I’m going to check this out.

[Sound effects: Bus door opens, walking down steps into the rain]

Shredder: Oh no….did I just hit aaaahhhhh…. (say slowly)

(Dream Sequence)

DJ: Alright, looks like we’re due for a break.

Shredder: Man, I didn’t even get to the best part!

DJ: Don’t worry senor; we’ll get to that when we continue.

Episode 2
Be sure to tune in next Thursday March 7th for a special edition of “Stuck on a Bus.”

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    Other Side Drive: Thursday ktsw899

StuckonaBus-EP 2

Fade In – Stuck on a bus is brought to you by the Man Bites Bar–bar. Filled with so much protien that the FDA almost shut us down. It’s Empty of carbs and taste. Not suitable for pregnant women, those under 18, people with heart conditions, lung conditions, little to no hair..or nerds. Side effects may include: itching, chafing, uneven tire wear, hammertoe, the shanks, hunchback, and tooth decay. MAN BITES BAR — bar. (lion in background)Get it before it’s illegal!

Shredder: And that’s how I got Chewy.

DJ: Chewy?

Shredder: My lizard, bro! (weird lizard noise) Now let me continue with the story.

DJ: Oh, mister shredder, your microphone wasn’t on this entire time. We were at commercial break. But now we are back on Oder Side Drive with Chad, our muscular, handsome, radio contest winner. Chad could you please flex your arms and continue with the story?

Chad: Yeah dude, well like shredder was saying, we started the bus and before we were even out of the Desert Sands Motel parking lot and…(crash sound effect)

Chad: Man SupaSoka see what you and your lame rapping did? We hit something!

SupaSoka: Yo, yo, yo it wasn’t me, it was FroBro, he was the one laying down the beat!

Chad: SupaSoka, you don’t have a twin here. “FroBro” isn’t coming so QUIT bringing him up.

SupaSoka: no no no, He’s comin man.

Chad: Whatever, c’mon we gotta go see what we hit

(Bus door opens, walking off the bus sound effects)

Michelle: (Scream)

Michael: What’s wrong boo boo patch??

Michelle: Oh shut up Michael! Can’t you see my hair is getting wet from the rain??

Michael: Oh, uh..
Michelle: Oh just come on

Sunny: Super awkward, quiet, unenergetic scream

Voice over: Sunny doesn’t have enough energy to scream, because she lacks in protein. She needs a Man Bites Bar–bar! (Lion growl)

Shredder: Was that a scream?

Sunny: Yeah, look! We hit a guy!

Multiple surprised, scared and shocked gasps.

Shredder: Well now what do we do?

Everyone confused and talking over each other with ideas.

Sunny: Everyone quiet! Okay Chad get hydrofluoric acid, Calvin find a large plastic container, SupaSoka get something sharp, Shredder we need plastic bags, Michelle get back on the bus, I’ll get a shovel.


Chad: That’s one idea that we’re not gonna go with. Lets just get him on the bus to start with. Everyone grab a limb and lift on 3. One…two…

Calvin: Wait, my three or your three?

Chad: My three you nerd! One…Two…Three!

Struggling Lifting Grunts.

Chad: Okay now watch his head, watch his head! (Thump) Okay, nevermind. Set him on the ground. Setting Down Noise. Alright, everyone take a knee. Sound of everyone taking a knee.

Shredder: What are we gonna do?

Sunny: Don’t anybody get off the bus. We just hit a guy and it’s raining, do you know what that means? (Crickets…) The air is polluted (crickets) with the kind of chemicals we have in rain, it seeps down into the soil and raises the dead…

Calvin: Like Jesus?

Michelle: Oh wait, Jesus is coming?

Sunny: No, Zombies!

Shredder: Are you saying Jesus was a zombie?

Chad: Why are we talking about this?? This is ridiculous, we just HIT a guy! We gotta do something.

Calvin: You’re right, we have too many noobs in this party and we need to restart from last save.

Chad: What are you talking about?

Calvin: Well, my friend dragonslayer-UNDERSCORE-8 always tells me that when your game is lagging epicly, you have to call support. We need to take action and get this man to home base!

Michele: Can you please be quiet?! I feel like everyone is undermining the hair crisis we have going on here!

Michael: But babe, I think your hair looks great.

Michele: Seriously, SHUT UP MICHAEL.

Michael: (Creepy whisper) I love you…

Shredder: Alright, I guess I have to be the grown up here. Let’s burn the body. (Nervous chuckle) Ah, I’m just ribbin’ y’all. Let’s get him to a hospital.

SupaSoka: We ain’t got time for dat. We gotta get ta MR. FEST.

Chad: EVERYONE QUIET! I’m a pre-vet major, I’ll do CPR! Hold on lemme prep real quick (Cracks knuckles, stretches and groans) Okay let’s do this!….Wait!….Where is he??

Duh Duh Duh! World War Z Noise

Sunny: Was he ever really here?

Duh Duh Duh! World War Z Noise

Calvin: How can this be?

Duh Duh Duh! World War Z Noise lead to toilet flush

Chad: Was that the toilet?

Steve: Americans!!!! Hello!!

Michelle: Ew, he’s alive!

Steve: This bus go to place with big apples?!

Chad: Huh?

Steve: That city New York!

Sunny: (Whisper) Just go with it…

Dreamscape to present

DJ: Ah mi amigo we are out of time!

Chad: Man dude, alright but you’re gonna wanna hear what happens next!

DJ: It’s alright. Please continue to stand there flexing

Chad: Uh, okay.

DJ: Anyway, we will have Sunny continue the story next time.

Episode 3
Be sure to listen on Thursday March 21st right here on Other Side Drive for the next episode of Stuck on a Bus.

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    Other Side Drive: Thursday ktsw899

StuckonaBus-EP 3

Fade In- For centuries people have been eating food the traditional way, the conservative way, But is it the right way? It’s not the 15th century, so why eat like it is? You’re a busy, successful adult–sexy even– you need something quick and on the go but without sacrificing that sit-down meal flavor. We’re about to change your life for ever, ever, ever, ever (fade into soft evil voice) From the makers of Goo-For-Shoe comes Blend-a-Meal. With flavors such as Mama’s Chicken Sammach, Daddy’s Sizzler Grillers and Grandma’s Chicken Pot Pie, with sweet corn! We’re talkin’ three course meals complete with Rotisserie Chicken, Green Peas and Peach Cobbler and blended into one wet shake! What’s better than having everything at once? Try Blend-a-Meals, (chewing optional).

[Blending noise]

DJ: I’m gonna try it, okay?

Chad: I thought there was no food allowed in the studio?

DJ: I don’t think this really counts as food. It’s a shake mang! (Creepy Pause) So, shake, mang.

Chad: Okay…like this?

DJ: Oh, yes. Berry Nice.

Sunny: Can we get to my part of the story?

DJ: Oh right Senorita Sunny. So Chad was just telling us about bus to MR Fest hitting some strange foreign civilian. What happened next, Miss?

Sunny: Okay, so after we hit the guy–that I’m still convinced is a zombie– we found out he was okay, and we hit the road…

Dreamscape sound

Shredder: Okay, y’all take a seat and lets get this freak show on the road.

Chad: (Whisper) Okay guys, the foreign dude thinks we’re going to New York. As long as he keeps thinking that we’ll be all good.

Sunny: Does anyone know his name?

Chad: So what’s your name, bro?

Steve: Stanisav!

Chad: Stas-la-nav? (mispronounces)

Steve: Stanisav!

Chad: Slas-na-stav? (mispronounces)

Steve: STA-NI-SAV!

Chad: Sna-li-stav? Screw it, I’m calling you Steve.

Calvin: From the point of linguistics, wouldn’t the root word of Stanisav be Stan?

Chad: We’re calling him Steve! Hello, Steeeevvvvveeeeee! Me Chaaaddd!

Steve: Pleasure to meet you, Chad!

Clavin: What are the logistics of carrying an additional crew member?

Sunny: Whaa?

Calvin: Clearly we have enough room for him, but what about food and medical supplies?

Michelle: Like oh my god. Calvin is totally nerding out.

SupaSoka: Yo man, that’s a song: Bad rap about calvin

Bus begins to clunk and slows down. Makes a slow rolling noise to a stop. Wheels screech at the stop.

Shredder: No, no, no c’mon baby don’t do this to me now…. (stops) Ah son of a (truck passing by honks horn)

Calvin: Oh I just got that guy in the semi-truck to honk his horn!

Chad: Great, Calvin!

Shredder: I’m gonna go out and see what’s the matter.

Chad: I’ll come, I’m a certified ego repair technician.

Sunny: Do you know what that even means?

Chad: It means I can fix anything, anytime, anywhere.

Sunny: Yeah, sounds like it…I guess.

Sound of hood opening maybe a grunt lifting it up from Shredder

Chad: Hey, scoot over. I know how to do this. Yep, just as I thought: your radiator blew a fuse. When’s the last time you tuned up your alternator? And looks like your turn signal is down.

Shredder: I don’t think that’s it. Those aren’t even real problems. You know, it looks like we may be out of gas. It doesn’t make sense because I just filled her up.

Chad: Yeah that’s weird, the gas tank is leaking like it should be.

Shredder: No, that’s not right. It shouldn’t be leaking!

Sunny: This sounds like sabotage. I don’t think the radio station wanted us to actually go to Mr. Fest. And would they? They’re government subsidise.

Shredder: Now hold on with all your conspiracy talk. I can fix this, it’s just a loose bolt from when we hit that foreign kid.

Chad: Do you want me to hand you any tools?

Shredder: Yeah, I need you and someone else to go get gas.

Chad: Ah utilize my braun, my muscles are up for the task.

Sunny: Your muscles are up for the task, huh? Were they up for the task of sabotaging our bus?

Chad: No way, I only use my muscles for good.

tightening bolt sound effects

Shredder: Okay I got the bolt tight. Has anyone gone for gas yet?

Calvin: The odds of anyone making it to the gas station in this heat are 357 to one!

Steve: Why bus stop?! I must visit cousin Roman in New York.

Michelle: Hey look there’s a car coming. Michael, flag down the car.

Michael: OK babe….(from distance) stop. stop. help us!

Shredder: Oh man, I smell bacon.

Calvin: Look it’s a law enforcement officer.

Siren Sound of cop car driving up

Shredder: Tell him we need gas.

car stops, close door and footsteps

Sheriff: You mean, tell “her” we need gas?

Shredder: Well that makes things interesting, now don’t it?

Sheriff: What seems to be the problem here?….Well hello you little Texas wildflower?

Sunny (snappy): Me?

Sheriff: Yes’m. How may I be of your assistance?

Sunny: Are you serious? Right now? …Okay, well our bus ran out of gas.

Sheriff: Alright, well lucky for you folks, I got some left over gas from my tractor, and you can pour it into that there gas guzzler.

Sunny (very suspiciously) : Um, alright.

Soundeffect: Open lid, pouring in gas

Sheriff: Alright here ya go then. Just go ahead and pour it on in there. (Pause Pouring) Yeah just like that. Hey now, I like your armpit hair. Very, lustrous and free of you.

Sunny (uncomfortably) : Oh, um, I’m flattered?

Steve: (From a distance) Excuse me, are you from New York?

Sheriff: West Texas.

Steve: Can you see New York from there?

Sheriff (irritated): Who in tarnation is that? Does he have his papers.

Shredder: (Hurried and “Wrapping it up” sort of voice) Thanks we’re much obliged…Now, lets try this again. Everyone on the bus.

Sheriff (flirtatiously): Hey there, wildflower. If you’re ever in these parts and stuck in a rut, or wanna be, here’s my card.

Walks into bus, close door. Engine starts, Tire burn out, everyone applauds and cheers, driving off

End Dream Sequence

DJ: Mang, that sheriff was reeeally nice.

Sunny: You can say she was helpful… Wait a minute, maybe she sabotaged the bus! (erie music)

DJ: I loved that sound effect, I never get to use it. (laughs)

Sunny: Maybe it wasn’t even gas!

DJ: Then how would the bus have started?

Sunny: I’m still pretty much not convinced that it wasn’t a sabotage. But alas we were back on the road. Although, that wasn’t the last of odd chain of events…In fact, when we were (cut off)

DJ: Well, senorita sunny, that’s all the time we got. That’s it for this week. I’m DJ Santiago.

Written by: ktsw899

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