Music Review: Peace – Delicious EP


PeaceEPDelicious600Gb110912Released: September 7th, 2012
Label: Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited
By: Jill Stephenson

Hailing from the U.K., Peace is making a name for themselves. This EP is the precursor to the album scheduled to be released later this year. Opening with “Ocean’s Eye,” the sound established by Peace manages to be instantly weird and cool. With “Bloodshake,” the album gets a little grittier, building with drums to vocalist Harry Koisser shouting, “we spit blood at the sun, we spit blood in the ocean.” This particular track has gained many parallels another English band, Foals, which is quite a compliment really. The album continues on with a love song called “California Daze,” that recounts a girl who apparently “tastes like sunlight.” Ending with the 10 minute stunner “1998 (Delicious),” Peace experiments instrumentally in the best possible way. Delicious EP did exactly what an EP aims to accomplish: to get people excited about the full-length album to come.

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