Music Review: Wild Cub – Youth

wild cub - youth

Released: August 14th, 2012
Label: Big Light Recordings

Despite only being together for a year or so, Wild Cub sounds incredibly experienced. Heavy in synth and 80’s pop beats with a new wave twist, Youth is well crafted and worth multiple listens. By the second track “Colour,” Wild Cub’s artistry will have you floating peacefully, attempting to sing along to the song you’ve never actually heard. My personal favorite track is “Thunder Clatter,” which is packed with every noise imaginable and could make anyone dance. Tracks like “Straight No Turns” and “The Water” seem to wonder aimlessly, not really going anywhere in particular. Which actually captures the album pretty well, it’s like being dropped in the middle of someone else’s dream, you’re slightly confused but happy to be along for the ride. Then tracks like “Jonti” come out of nowhere with a shift to the upbeat.

Still, the whole album has a flow that’s pretty irresistible.

Review by: Jill Stephenson

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