The Weeks – Dear Bo Jackson

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The Weeks - Dear Bo Jackson

Released: April 30, 2013
Label: Serpents And Snakes Records

This album calls for a lot of shoulder dancing. Listening to it, I feel like I’m in the middle of Jackson, Mississippi. The boys have added a lot more of a Southern twang to this album, while still sticking to their alternative rock roots. I can just see Cyle Barnes moving around the stage while listening to this album; it’s full of soul.

This album is incredibly well-rounded. The more I listen, the deeper I fall into the songs, the lyrics, the melodies. There’s way more to it than what you hear on the surface. So many layers are incorporated into each song, you have to give the whole album a few listens before it all really sinks in; you’ll catch something new each time. This is the group’s fifth album, and it is evident that their lyrics and creative genius show no sign of waning. These guys are my age and they’ve accomplished so much this far, I can only imagine what is still to come. They have put out five albums in seven years, which shows how much these dudes love to make music. Thank goodness for that.

“Bad Enough” is one of the best tracks on the album, and Samuel Williams gets a moment to shine. He typically sings back-up on most tracks, but in this song he gets a glorious duet with Shelly Colvin. Their voices compliment each other so well, I wish they had an entire song to themselves. “Are you bad enough for me tonight?” the song asks. It’s genius. Give this one a listen first, and be prepared to be enamored.

If you’re in the mood to feel like a bona fide renegade, listen to “Brother In The Night.” I highly recommend listening only with a buddy who has a deep appreciation for the South and would get in a knife fight with you at the drop of a hat, no questions asked.

The last track I will strongly urge you to listen to is “Chickahominy.” This one snuck up on me. I heard it a couple of times and didn’t give it the deep attention it deserved. Then one day I REALLY listened to the words, and listened to how they built up the song. The end of the song still gives me chills, even 500 plays later. The line “tell me why should I believe you, when I’ve been making it along this road just fine?” is beyond brilliant. I think we’ve all been in a place where we feel we can’t trust and wanna be all “Lone Wolf” for a while. This is the song that will speak to you if you’re angry or hurt, and it might even help ease the pain.

The boys have gotten all fancy and famous, and on June 10th they kick off their European tour with the Kings of Leon. They played SXSW, and if you missed out, then that’s a bummer. We can all agree we’re crossing our fingers for them to return to Austin. And when they do, you better get yourself to that show.

Review By Anna Strickland

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