The Rotary Club’s 2nd Annual Sprint Triathlon

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The Rotary Club of Greater San Marcos is hosting their 2nd annual sprint triathlon on Saturday, September 21st at Aquarena Springs. Event coordinators say they have about 200 people registered to attend the event, but they hope they will reach maximum capacity of 300 participants before the day of the race. The swimming portion of the race is unique to the Rotary Club of Greater San Marcos. According to Triathlon Committee Chair and Race Director, Jeremiah Pizana, the triathlon has special approval to swim in Spring Lake, which is usually restricted from the public. Pizana says he is very honored to have this event approved for swimming in the lake.

 “We really appreciate Texas State and Aquarena Springs for allowing us to do that, be one of the organizations. There’s only really two organizations that are allowed, and we’re one of the two and we appreciate it and we hope it continues.”
-Jeremiah Pizana

All of the proceeds from this triathlon will be going toward students of various ages. Most of the proceeds will be going to the Early Act First Knight program at Travis Elementary here in San Marcos. This program encourages students to learn more about character building and honesty. Remaining proceeds will then go to scholarships for other students. The Rotary Club of Greater San Marcos is still accepting registration forms. To sign up for their sprint triathlon, visit their website here.

Ila Mar, KTSW News.

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