Students Throw Back with Psychedelic Rock

The Real Hands

Written by Daniel Fickman
On-Air Talent: Daniel Fickman and Rick Jennings
Edited by Zoe Kaiser

Click here for the full interview with The Real Hands

On January 28th we had a real band in the  studio on Other Side Drive . And their name-The Real Hands! A local student band from around the area, The Real Hands include David on rhythm guitar and vocals, Bryce on lead guitar and vocals,  John on Bass and vocals and Nathan on the drums.    Listen as we go in deep with The Real Hands on topics that include how they met, their influences, and plans for the future. The first track they play is a rockin’ love melody called, ‘“As you Spin.” The second groove they bring  us is one that’ll surely be stuck in your head for the rest of the week titled, “Runnin’ Through My Head.” You can look them up on Soundcloud or  on And they’ll be playing Triple Crown at 8pm on March 1st. They end this awesome interview with a  powerful pop punk track titled, “Everything that Once  Is.” Check it Out!

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Photos by Shannon Williams
Click here to find The Real Hands on Facebook.

Click here to check out The Real Hands on Soundcloud.

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