Bobcat Radio – Pride!

Bobcat Radio

February 19, 2014
Hosts – Ishmael Johnson, Warren Schorr, Kirk Jones and Odus Evbagharu
Producer – Skye Wallace
Editor – Ishmael Johnson

Segment 1: Name Drop

– Nelson Frazier Jr. AKA Viscera/Mabel/Big Daddy V- Professional Wrestler
– Blake Bortles – UCF Quarterback, NFL Prospect
– LeBron James – Miami Heat
– The entire AL West division in Major League Baseball

Segment 2: Texas State Talk

– Baseball: Weekend Recap, vs Rice, and preview UC-Riverside series
– Softball: Cartier Classic Recap, Preview I-35 Game vs. UTSA and Rayn House SBC Pitcher of the Week
– Men’s Basketball: Loss to Georgia State, can they make the conference tournament?
– Women’s Basketball: Loss to Georgia State, rest of the season outlook

Segment 3 – Olympic Update

– Medal Standings and Hockey Update

– Constant USA vs Czech Hockey in-game Updates
– 2-Woman Bobsled Results
– Snowboard Cross Final
– Dutch Dominance in Speedskating
– Freestyle Skiing Final
– Bud Selig vs Derek Jeter’s Retirement Tour

Segment 4 – Wrap Up

– NBA: Allstar Weekend recap, fixing the dunk contest

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