Bobcat Radio – Olympic Size

Bobcat RadioFebruary 21st, 2014

Hosts – Evan Spielvogel, Tashia Martin, Landan Kulhman
Producer – Skye Wallace

Editor – Kiersten Ehr

Segment 1: Name Drop

– Evan – Katylan Moore
– Landan – Pete Rose
– Tashia – UFC womens fighter

Philadelphia Phillies

Segment 2: Texas State Sports

– Texas State Womens basketball
– Texas State Mens basketball Head Coach Casper is losing the team
– Texas State Softball team is off to a hot start at 8-4
– Texas State baseball team looking good early but having bull-pin problems

Reid Koenen

Segment 3: National Sports

– This day in sports history
– Ray Rice looking at jail time
– USA vs. Canada womens hockey meltdown
– Lebrons Nose
– USA vs. Canada mens hockey update

NFL 2012: Ravens vs Steelers NOV 18

Segment 4: Wrap Up
– Micheal Sam and Johnny Manziel at NFL combine
– NBA scores from last night and preview Fridays games


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