Element of the Month: January

Writter and producer – Jacob Reynolds
Editor – Caitlin Greenlee

January’s Element of the Month comes to us from the Star of the Month, Jacob Reynolds. A member of KTSW‘s production department, Jacob wrote and produced this promo for our twitter account.

Listen to Jacob’s promo on Soundcloud

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Scenario: Someone is sitting in the park when the twitter bird comes by with an important message…

Guy: Ahhh time to feed the birds (or something)
– Twitter bird flies in: Tweet noises
Guy: Whoah what’s that?
– Bird: Tweet Noises
Guy: No Way! KTSW has their own twitter?!
– Bird: Tweet Noises
Guy: They tweet out what all is going on at the station?
– Bird: Tweet Noises
Guy: That sure is a pheasant way to find out about new music, events, and more! (Maybe a birdpun)
– Bird: Tweet Noises
Guy: I’ll tell all of my followers to come check out KTSW @ktsw_899 #otherside #pumpupthejams

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